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Here I am, trying to make sure the pasta is done at the same time as the sauce. Meanwhile, Luca Stricagnoli is probably ironing the shirt he's wearing as he plays tennis while directing traffic.

This week's album is as much a video collection as it is a record. In order to get the full effect and appreciate this uniquely talented maestro, it's better to watch than simply listen, as Luca's hands flit around like spiders, sometimes on three different necks. Stricagnoli puts the "rhythm" in rhythm guitar, which would be impressive if he weren't also playing lead, bass parts, and recreating vocal lines, all without breaking a sweat. If you've ever played an instrument, Stricagnoli will either inspire you to practice... or quit. It's not a gimmick when it's so well done. Labeling it as such would be a serious disservice to the originality, despite the lack of songwriting, on display. The guy reimagines what is possible on the guitar. 

Some of these videos are on the album, others are not. Either way: watch. You'll gain a better appreciation for what Sir Luca is capable of, and perhaps look at other undertakings in a new light. 

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