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June 24, 2018
San Francisco, CA

The widespread legalization of marijuana at the medical and more recently recreational level has sparked a wave of new entrepreneurial ventures in the US. Dispensaries are popping up all over the country where legalization laws have been passed, to sell cannabis products to eager consumers. In addition to marijuana dispensaries who are vendors of the end product to cannabis users, there are a variety of other businesses catering to this industry. Whether it’s grow houses which supply the plants to dispensaries, head shops that make devices to consume marijuana, or businesses specializing in custom lighting or ventilation to help with cannabis cultivation, the opportunities for entrepreneurs are plentiful.


At Cannapages we understand the trials and tribulations of starting a new business. There is a seemingly endless number of tasks to do all at once and it can cause quite a headache. One of the most confusing and difficult pieces to any new or existing business is what to do in terms of developing an online presence. For the better or worse a large portion of the population in our country spends countless hours on the Internet. For this reason it’s crucial for businesses in any industry to have a decent website at the bare minimum. With an astounding number of website vendors with varying prices and features it’s often a painstakingly long and expensive process to develop a new website for your business.

What’s the Offer?

From our experiences in the marijuana industry and relationships that we’ve developed with people in the business of cannabis, we’ve noticed that a lot of businesses are struggling with getting a website going. While our directory offers a great place for you to list your business and gain some attention, we want to help you take things one step further! We are currently offering FREE websites to any business operating in the cannabis industry. This free introductory offer includes a custom cannapages domain ( and a 3 page website, with your custom logo, color scheme, content, photos and contact information. We will build and launch the website for free and keep it up for one month at no cost. If you like the website we will continue to host and manage it for you for a very low cost of $25/month. The idea behind this offer is to make sure you begin to develop an online presence so people can verify that your business is legit and take part in your products/services. As your business grows and you would like to expand your website with additional options such as a custom domain or an online menu, we have a number of website upgrade options for a low monthly fee to keep things easy for you.

Click here to learn more about our free website offer and other website options.

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