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June 19, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Here in CANNABIS CITY, every day is 4/20! The Cannapages Editors recommend a heaping bowl before visiting any of these favorite local venues:

1. The Butterfly Pavilion - For most, a peaceful and exotic reconnection with nature. But for a few, a “freakout demon hellride.”

2. Visit the Capitol - Stand on the same steps as Denver’s pioneers, who, for years, gathered monthly to smoke on the hill in protest, and to promote free cannabis. It worked.

3. The Denver Mint - Just remember that this place makes actual coins, and is not a big butter-mint. Also, tours are free, but the coins cost money.

4. 16th Street Mall - Make sure to bring plenty to share with Denver’s eccentric street-performers and bicycle taxi drivers. Mall Ride is free but dining will cost your entire left arm.

5. Red Rocks - If not for a concert, you should at least visit Red Rocks in Morrison for the view, cultural history, or just to feel completely out of shape.

6. Catch a Game - Canna makes every Rockies game seem like good ’ol 2007. Plus, sunset on the skyline is a magical spectacle from Coors Field, especially after five dabs and a hash roll.

7. Waterworld - Just like your 1st time at age 10, the Voyage to the Center of the Earth raft ride will blow your mind, but watch out for the dinosaurs!

8. Elitch Gardens - Explore a good ol’ fashioned theme park where you can still ride a rickety wooden rollercoaster and throw up cotton-candy-covered funnel cake corn-dogs with fries.

9. Casa Bonita - Even if you get sat with the hokey magician, you’ll eventually make your way out to see the cliff-divers and Black Bart’s Hideout. But be careful: The sopapillas are addicting and you can’t un-eat the enchiladas.

10. Boulder - One of Denver’s best-kept secrets, a great place to get away for more mountain-hipster versions of the stuff in Denver.

11. The Couch - Always a good alternative.

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