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May 24, 2018
San Francisco, CA

The Denver cannabis community suffered a disappointing setback on Monday night as the City Council voted unanimously to ban all grows over 36 plants unless they are part of the regulated industry. Remember that when you go to the polls in May.

Although Councilwoman Susan Shepherd had a motion to delay the vote, and made phone calls asking colleagues for support, she couldn’t convince anyone to agree to second her motion. In the end, every city council member voted in favor.

This ordinance was rushed through with little public input. Just 8 speakers were allowed 2 minutes each at a committee meeting before the ordinance was introduced.

Although the Cannabis Patient's Alliance launched an aggressive last-minute phone call and email campaign bombarding the council with requests for a delay and public hearing, and although we had people at the City and County Building speak personally with councilmembers and staff on Monday, all attempts at reason were met with the cold shoulder. The City Council simply wasn’t interested.

The Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) played a big roll in this endeavor. The Cannabis Patient's Alliance is calling for a boycott their members - if you can figure out who they are, that is. MIG is notoriously closed-door; as the lionshare of the legislation they back is meant to push out the ma and pa dispensaries and cripple the caregiver in order to further pad it's members already bulging pockets.

Next step? Sue the City of Denver. Attorneys are already looking for plaintiffs to join law suits.

From Attorney Rob Corry:
Plaintiffs Needed! The Law Office of Corry & Associates is seeking pro bono plaintiffs for a public interest / civil rights lawsuit against Denver’s unconstitutional proposal to limit plant counts. Preferably, current medical marijuana patients with elevated plant counts who reside in, or have their plants grown in, the City and County of Denver. In the past we have successfully obtained Preliminary Injunctions against similar arbitrary government limits. If interested call 303-634-2244.

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