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May 20, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Good luck finding a house, an apartment, warehouse - or even raw land - without paying a premium, if you can even find a vacancy.

Why, you might ask?

Cannabis. With the influx of people moving to Denver - aka New, New Amsterdam - the housing market has seen unprecedented growth, with prices jumping 10% in March alone - 2nd only to San Francisco.

On average, Denver typically has around 24,000 listings for houses for sale.  Right now, there are a mere 4,000.

Residents have seen a "snowball effect" in regards to jobs, as well.  Hundreds of ganjapreneurs have descended on Denver in hopes of getting a piece of the green rush - and have flooded the market with new opportunities - beyond just dispensaries and grow facilities.

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Small companies have grown into established businesses, especially in the HVAC and electrical sector, mostly due to the demand for the building-out of grow warehouses, be they private or commercial.  Tech companies have flocked to Denver as well - the best example being SURNA - a company heavily invested into cannabis grow technology and whose CEO previously made millions with the internet sensation Farmville.

There are few cons, if any - one being the heavy traffic that now plagues the city.  However Denver is unlikely to see any breathing room soon, at least until more states start legalizing cannabis for recreational use.

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