Florida’s Push for Medical Marijuana Supported by Attorney John Morgan

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April 26, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Jacksonville-based attorney John Morgan has given a multi-million dollar donation to the medical marijuana campaign in Florida, Jacksonville.com reports, and will now invest even more in helping seriously ill Floridians find relief. Morgan has added $4 million of his own money in support of Amendment 2, a medical marijuana ballot initiative that will be voted on in November. This amendment was proposed by medical marijuana proponents United For Care. Morgan claims that his support of the amendment is personal: His father and brother have used marijuana medically to alleviate pain from cancer and paralysis, respectively. He hopes that his support will help families like his treat themselves and their loved ones without having to fear arrest.

As MPP has reported, an overwhelming majority of Florida voters support allowing adults to use medical marijuana. A Quinnipiac Poll reported that medical marijuana has an 88% approval rate. Amendment 2 only needs 60% support in order to be adopted. The trend is definitely favoring medical marijuana and the state constitution amendment has a very good chance of passing. Florida lawmakers passed a bill earlier this session that is supposed to permit a limited number of patients to access specific low-THC, high-CBD marijuana oils to treat seizure disorders. Unfortunately, this bill will leave the vast majority of patients without safe and legal access, unlike Amendment 2.

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