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May 22, 2018
San Francisco, CA

With the economy of cannabis picking up steadily, dispensaries are continually growing to accommodate demand. The workload has created an employment surge locally, and there are always new positions available behind the bud bar, at the front desk, in marketing, MIPS sales, and for growers and trimmers.
   Some “schools” and “universities” have already popped up, promising training in the industry by leading professionals, but with limited real-life scope. Enter Hemp Temps, already a heavyweight in the business of new hires, now gearing up to offer hands-on courses that actually teach exactly what dispensary employers are looking for. And unlike the others, they’ve been cleared to allow actual product on-site.
  “We want to ensure that our staff and future staff have  a place to continue their education, so that our partners get temp-to-hires already trained with the standards that we strive to maintain,” says Hemp Temps owner Shannon Foreman. While the classes are intended for industry newbies, much of the curriculum is applicable even to current employees at dispensaries who have not had formal training in what they do.
   Courses range from $120-199 and include:
   Bud Tending 101 - Covers the differences between strains and strain types, basic customer service, sales, all cannabis products and differences, and the ability to prescribe the right meds and recommend products based on customer needs.
   Harvesting & Trimming 101 -  Covers all aspects of harvesting, trimming, and manicuring, safety procedures, tools, hygiene and cleanliness, identifying plant afflictions, and curing (comes with Harvest/Trimming Kit).
   Software 101 - Covers navigation and use of dispensary Point-Of-Sale software, patient and inventory management, and other tracking information imperative in such an audited industry.
   Not surprisingly, the classes are not accredited and there is no diploma or graduation ceremony. But successful completion of the course and final test will yield an official letter from this well-known authority which may be the upper edge when applying at a dispensary.
   There is a job placement program, but it is not guaranteed to those who attend classes. However, Foreman says that students who complete 90 days of continuous employment through Hemp Temps will actually be refunded the class fee. The company is also searching for qualified individuals to teach a planned series of advanced classes. See hemptemps.com for more.

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