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May 23, 2018
San Francisco, CA

There’s a new face replacing Mr. Yuk in the cannabis industry: “Ralph.” The new sticker has begun circulating among dispensaries and edibles companies in an effort to help curb accidental ingestion of cannabis-infused products by children and non-users. Cannapages, the agency that developed “Ralph,” unofficially announced the sticker to local advertisers before going full-force into a national campaign in September.

  The cannabis industry--recreational in Colorado and Washington and medical in nearly half the country--has come under fire recently for lack of safety regulations regarding “edibles.” The well-recognized “pot brownie” has expanded both by variety of food (drinks, candy, pizza) as well as potency. Unintended consumption of these products by children or non-users have resulted in a spike of medical emergencies and prompted political action from all fronts to regulate such products’ packaging, warning labels and consumer instruction.

  “We couldn’t wait any longer,” said Cannapages Chief Marketing Officer, Nathan Johnson. “We believe the Ralph sticker is a simple but necessary first step in the right direction.” Cannapages is doing everything possible to make “Ralph” available to dispensaries and their customers, Johnson said, by handing out sheets of samples with each visit, and by offering rolls of stickers at near-production costs.

  At an inch diameter, albeit with newer color and design, “Ralph” is not unlike the traditional “Mr. Yuk” sticker, and may be placed on other household items to educate children, Johnson noted. “We needed a more contemporary icon than Mr. Yuk to catch the attention of kids,” he said. “Ralph’s troubled face and bold words communicates effectively to all ages.”

  Buddies Wellness Dispensary in Denver is one of the first stores to affix Ralph on infused products. “If the sticker keeps just one child from going to the hospital, it will be completely worth it,” says owner Gabe Sandoval. “Customer response has been really positive, especially from those who are parents.”

  A portion of each sticker order benefits the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado. More information can be found at ralph.cannapages.com.


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