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Dispatches from the Highlands

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News from CannaTown
January 16, 2021
$4.20 Cents

Neapolitan Nugget Nougats - Cannabis Recipes from Cousin D

Cousin D January 12, 2021

Today we’ll be making a three-layer, chewy nougaty candy, including a healthy dose of liqueur, hash-infused butter, all drizzled in chocolate. What can we say? If you’re going to eat candy as an adult, you better make it damn good -- and bring enough to share!
3 - 10oz bags of mini marshmallows …

Album Notes - Best Music of 2020

Erickson January 3, 2021

A new year is always reason for optimism, and boy do we need that more than ever. As we flip the calendar, unfortunately our reality won't be changed so easily. While certain pieces of news may shine a light to the end of the tunnel, we're still going to be dealing with 2020's unfinished business for quite some…

High Leaders Introduce New Measures

Dispatches January 3, 2021

Perhaps it was a moment of psychiatric paralysis, perhaps out of sheer boredom from lockdown, but Mayor J. Van Cannaby, City Council, and Chamber of Commerce have started the year on a new foot: with the goal of redoing “all measurements” that govern our lives, from distance to volume. Following a Friday night virtual bong-binge with other town…

Album Notes - Paul McCartney - III

Erickson December 18, 2020

McCartney, a guy named Paul's solo debut, hit shelves 21 days before Let it Be, the final catalog entry from some group you may have heard of. That 1970 release truly was a solo album, with Macca serving as producer and playing every single instrument. In 1979, Sir Paul's other band, Wings, released their final record. May…

Zoom "Musical" Sets New Low Bar

Dispatches December 18, 2020

Billed as one of the standalone great cultural moments of the otherwise crappy year, the production of "Mai Tai or Die" which utilized home webcams of over 100 actors and extras, utterly failed Friday night in a terribly-rated performance so bad that it triggered one attendee to brutally maim their own computer. Plagued with on-air gaffes like feedbacking…

Album Notes - Skyway Man - The World Only Ends When You Die

Erickson December 9, 2020

On The World Only Ends When You Die, Skyway Man does not overtly resemble the Grateful Dead, yet the more I listen to their optimistically named new LP, the more my mind drifts towards those enduring chromatic troubadours of days yore. Undoubtedly, the connection is the "American" sound, or at least that is how my mind conceives what my ears grasp. The…

It Looks like They Found My Monoliths

Hugh Jollydab December 9, 2020

Hey homies, remember that one time we were cheefing out in my garage, and we lined up all those huge shiny metal pieces of junk in the corner? My memory is hazy but I’m pretty sure after the third or fourth time packin’ the steam roller, we came up with that hilarious scheme to just, like, drive them…

Album Notes - King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - K.G

Erickson December 3, 2020

Three very, very, very long years ago, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard first appeared in this space with Flying Microtonal Banana, the initial offering of the five studio albums the Aussie septet would go on to release in 2017. If you think they've been quiet since then, well, I guess you consider two more studio LPs in 2019, five live…

Holidaze Mini Fruitcakes

Cousin D December 3, 2020

Fruitcakes have always gotten quite the rap, but what if they were reinvented? Today’s version is the only one you’ll want to eat this season! Plus, we'll make a whole arsenal to give away as gifts--why not, it's tradition!
2 grams hash 
2 sticks butter 
6 eggs
4 cups Flour…

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