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Dispatches from the Highlands

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News from CannaTown
October 20, 2020
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Album Notes - Cayucas - Blue Summer

Erickson October 15, 2020

Summer may have officially ended more than two weeks ago, but anyone who has ever lived in the Midwest understands that seasons know no Gregorian calendrical bounds. With October blizzards as likely as March t-shirt weather, those from the region are equally prepared for 80 degree autumn days and shoveling snow on April Fools. Cayucas? One listen to…

News in Brief: Polls now show Newts and Emus in dead tie

Dispatches October 15, 2020

Polls now show Newts and Emus in dead tie 
This week the tides turned and it appears Newts are back in the running, after a topsy-turvy shift in public opinion that landed Emus on top. The large, flightless birds are now fighting to regain a majority, as the electorate prepares to vote by blowing bubbles. 

Album Notes - Mother's Cake - Cyberfunk!

Erickson October 5, 2020

Album Notes has brought us bands from a number of countries, but today is a surprising first: Austria. It's quite possibly the greatest country on earth, for reasons which include but are not limited to: the gorgeous Alps; the rich history of classical music; the Hallstatt half marathon (the only race I needed a boat to get to)…

Stoned Nutz: Wacky Racky Reviews the Lookah Seahorse Pro

Wacky Racky October 5, 2020

Lookah needs to trademark “Dabbing for Dummies” for their Seahorse Pro. No seriously, this is the tool every concentrate newbie or veteran needs.

Out of the box suggestions/criticisms. First, please for gawd sake, companies need to stop printing instructions on black paper with small font. Yes, the presentation and art work is gorgeous. However, a lot of…

Album Notes - Everything Everything - Re-Animator

Erickson September 24, 2020

If this is your introduction to the band, you are probably getting off on the wrong foot...

Let's get this out of the way: Yes, Everything Everything took their name from the first two words uttered on Kid A. Yes, songs like "It Was a Monstering" and "Moonlight" sound like they could slide right onto In Rainbows

Area Fella Reunited with Prized Vest

Dispatches September 24, 2020

Local fella Brock James is glad to be reunited with his favorite woven vest, after nearly two weeks of searching for the missing garment, which ended up being at the dry cleaner. "At the time I dropped it off, I left no contact information, and I have no recollection of the incident at all. Curse that Alaskan Thunderfudge…

Album Notes - The Pineapple Thief - Versions of the Truth

Erickson September 16, 2020

If the Happy Fits were perfect for summer, we might as well turn to some tunage that matches the seasonal progression: it's time to dive into murkier waters. Labeled "prog rock" throughout their career, on Versions of the Truth, the Pineapple Thief land somewhere between a more aggressive Sigur Rós and a chilled-out Tool. Forbidden fruit always tastes…

Ultimate Chocolate Bar Platter

Cousin D September 16, 2020

This month we're making infused, decadent chocolate bars -- and lots of them. First, s'mores, then dulce de leche -- pick your favorite or make both and munch hard! I recommend using the Pampered Chef silicone molds for bars (or something similar).

Chocolate (I used dark chocolate chunks) 
1 box graham crackers

Album Notes - The Happy Fits - What Could Be Better

Erickson September 8, 2020

The following is an objective list of literally everything I know about The Happy Fits:

  1. They're a trio
  2. They play upbeat rock 
  3. They're twentysomethings
  4. They deploy a cellist in lieu of a bassist
  5. They released their second album last week

The following is a brief subjective review meant…

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