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Dispatches from the Highlands

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July 24, 2019
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Album Notes - Two Door Cinema Club - False Alarm

Erickson July 21, 2019

For someone who claims not to like 80's music, recently I sure seem to be listening to a lot of artists who do. On Two Door Cinema Club's fourth effort, False Alarm, that ethos is propagated through the drum production and synth touches that provide the foundation for an album that at times might be a little too

I may be way too high to storm Area 51

Mordecadecai Tuckerson July 21, 2019

Hey dudes, I was just loadin’ up the car with our rakes, shovels and flashlights, and I was thinking about what Gus said about 14 bong rips ago, about the military and armed guard and what not -- and bros, I usually don’t say this, not never, not even before my final final before I flunked college --…

Album Notes - Kokoko! - Fongola

Erickson July 15, 2019

What kind of bullshit locution is "world music" anyway? As opposed to what, "cosmos music?" "Intergalactic music?" I've never liked the term, one that Western record companies seemingly applied to any artist not from Europe or North America that made music using words they couldn't understand, or none at all. In record stores, when you finally got past…

Local attorney Rezzy Waters now at risk of disbarment

Dispatches July 15, 2019

Rezzy Waters, Esq. is in deep trouble. The attorney, notorious in Cannatown for a nearly winless history of mishandled cases, now faces a slew of charges in cases filed this week in Resinville, Shwagsbury, and Dabbington. Things have gotten so bad that he may need to seek another profession once the smoke has settled. It is unclear how…

Album Notes - Calliope Musicals - Color/Sweat

Erickson July 9, 2019

Unbeknownst to all, David Byrne and St. Vincent had a musical lovechild in Austin, Texas, that was raised on 80s music but can't hide the fact that she grew up in the aughts. That baby was named Calliope Musicals. At least I think that's the lineage. Don't ask me to provide any documentation to confirm. While you might…

Refreshing Summer Cheeba Pops

Cousin D July 9, 2019

Summer is 100% better with ice cream -- so what's better than an arsenal of frozen treats to bring out on a hot day? You'll need to pick up a popsicle-type mold for this delicious dessert -- but no machines necessary for these non-dairy, homemade Cheeba Pops.

1/4 cup corn syrup (to be infused)…

Album Notes - LCD Soundsystem - Electric Lady Sessions

Erickson June 27, 2019

LCD Soundsystem broke up with a grand farewell party at Madison Square Garden in April, 2011. They announced their reunion in grand fashion with a Coachella headlining slot in April, 2016. 17 months after that came American Baby, their first studio album in seven years. And I loved it. 17 months after American Baby they put out …

Woah Babe, Is That Like, Really Necessary?

Hugh Jollydab June 27, 2019

Hey babe, I just kinda noticed all the stuff of mine that was strewn around here the last few weeks is sitting in the garbage, including that whole second half of a pizza from breakfast and those Steve Winwood records I blast when I’m working on my huge paper mache dragon, which I saw in the fireplace, and…

Album Notes - Foreign Diplomats - Monami

Erickson June 17, 2019

A few minutes into Foreign Diplomats' Monami, a thought came to me I had never previously entertained in a musical context: Are these guys Canadian? What initially caught my eye was their name, but when the music started, almost immediately something about their sound struck me as north of the border. I realize it's unworldly to paint…

Town’s Newest Planes All Worthless

Dispatches June 16, 2019

Officials are rushing to address growing public outcry over Cannatown’s F-35 program, after new reports that the planes can’t fly. Today it was reported that although this is not entirely true, the planes that can fly do indeed tumble and crash fairly quickly due to “routine stoned-design flaws.” Others can’t accelerate to supersonic speed without shedding parts, starting…

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