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Dispatches from the Highlands

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October 26, 2021
News from CannaTown
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Album Notes - Obscure October: Susumu Yokota's "Grinning Cat"

Erickson October 21, 2021

Obscure October Week 3
Date: June 4, 2001
Location: Japan
The Skinny: Ambient, piano-driven chill Japanese DJ does it his way

I have no interest in being verbose to describe a largely instrumental album. As someone who never felt at home in the electronic scene, I am the first to admit that the late Susumu…

I Didn't Even Know Pyromancer Was a Job

Hugh Jollydab October 21, 2021

What’s up dudemankind? I’ve been pretty much losing all my extra money on crypto these days, so I asked my bud, who’s making bank, like, how does he know when it’s best to buy? And you know what he told me? That he goes to a pyromancer! Now that I think about it, he was probably joking…

Album Notes - Obscure October: Zamla Mammaz Manna's "Familijesprickor"

Erickson October 14, 2021

New week, even older obscure oddity, and one that is likely my favorite of the four that will be featured this month.

Obscure October Week 2: Familijesprickor
Date: 1980
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
The Skinny: There's nothing lean about the virtuosic prog rock excursions from this Swedish outfit that land somewhere between Zappa, Mr.…

Major Cannatown Employer To Require Positive Drug Test

Dispatches October 14, 2021

With the downturn of the economy looming on Cannatown, one of its oldest and biggest employers, Two-Star Manufacturing, has announced they will begin testing for Delta-9 THC in employment screening as it seeks to expand operations at a time when applicants are in short supply. But the company says it’s the only surefire way to know if a…

Album Notes - Obscure October: The Voluntary Butler Scheme's "The Grandad Galaxy"

Erickson October 7, 2021

We haven't done this since 2019's Nordic November, but it's time for another themed month: Obscure October. (Yeah, my absolute adoration of alliteration abides.)

Granted, there is some inherent difficultly in the proposition. Obscure is relative to all axes of proximity. Not to mention that for some, many records featured in Album Notes may already land in…

Oura Vaporizer: Wacky Racky Reviews Kandypens' Portable Dab Rig

Wacky Racky October 7, 2021

I got this vaporizer from our local smoke shop. It was my first smoke toy and product to review. I liked it because it looked like it was so easy even a crazy Squirrel could use it. Boy was I wrong!

The smoke shop owner walked me through how to use it. How to dissemble it…

Album Notes - Cat Stevens - Teaser and the Firecat turns 50

Erickson September 30, 2021

Alright folks, it's anniversary time again. This one might seem slightly out of left field, although not as far out there as what's coming soon. But hold that thought for another week...

While this album will be getting the full 50th anniversary super deluxe special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions treatment featuring a smattering of demos…

Wish I'd Known This was an Infused Buffet

Moira Bitterman September 30, 2021

Oh my gawd, did I just hear Denise right? Did I understand her correctly, that all the food over on that entire taco bar is “medicated”? Like, with heavy THC? Oh my gawd you guys, are you telling me, I just ate a half-plate of a nacho mountain, two crispy rellenos and a chimichanga, and my entire

Album Notes - White Denim - Crystal Bullets / King Tears

Erickson September 24, 2021

Can a single be an album? Can an album exist if it is never formally acknowledged as such? In the curious case of White Denim's rollout of "Crystal Bullets / King Tears" as a 12", the answer is yes. 

The Austin band dropped the pair of tunes digitally at the end of July. Shortly thereafter when…

Carpenter Accidentally Becomes Expert Physicist

Dispatches September 24, 2021

In high school shop class, Frank Donners often got high marks for accidental demonstration of subatomic principles such as gravity and polarity, through many falls and egregious misuse of large magnets. So it wasn’t completely surprising that the 34-year-old Bowlington man accidentally stumbled onto a major breakthrough in the study of light and electromagnetic waves, when, on a…

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