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Dispatches from the Highlands

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September 22, 2019
$4.20 Cents

Album Notes - Bronze Radio Return - Entertain You

Erickson September 22, 2019

(This one came out in February but just made my way recently. Probably because I don't watch TV or commercials, and even fewer movies...)

The measure of success for a musician in a post-Napster world is so drastically different as to be almost unrecognizable to their 20th century counterparts. The music sharing software was found guilty of…

Officials Consider Joint Ban After Some Found To Contain Catnip

Dispatches September 18, 2019

Cannatown authorities are debating if citizen smakers should cease sparking all joints, now that a scant few have been found to contain catnip. A statement issued Tuesday from Mayor VanCannaby's office outlines the city’s probe into the fake joints, which investigators believe may be simply acquired at back-alley, suburban pet stores.

One brand in particular has…

Album Notes - Whitney - Forever Turned Around

Erickson September 16, 2019

Four weeks ago I wrote how Bon Iver was retroactively assigning seasons to each of their LPs. Whitney just might be doing that organically. Describing their debut, three years ago my take was, "Summertime music...some very 70s sounds to this one, and I can imagine having a lazy Sunday afternoon barbecue with this as the soundtrack." The sentiment…

Equifarce just cost me a $125 Satchel

Hugh Jollydab September 10, 2019

Listen up homies, the day is sunk. There goes that $125 ounce I was planning on gettin’ from that settlement money. Did you hear about that? Yea, a couple weeks ago I got an email from Equifarce, or whoever the heck they are -- about that $125 settlement. Of course I go with the money, are you kidding…

Album Notes - Tool - Fear Inoculum

Erickson September 9, 2019

Any review of the new Tool album will inevitably include two thoughts: it's been 13 years since the band's last release; it's 86 minutes long. Yes, for one album, on both counts, that is a long-ass time. It also fails to put into context that prior to the 13-year wait, 2006's 10,000 Days clocked in at 76 minutes…

Harvest Party "Cannapés"

Cousin D September 9, 2019

At a time of year when pumpkin seems infused with everything, it takes a real zinger to wow those apple-pickin', hay-ridin' guests. They'll never forget this savory pumpkin pastry, not only for its candied bacon garnish -- but of course, a gram of hash to mellow out the autumn sunset.

16 oz can pumpkin…

Album Notes - Brother Oliver - Well, Hell

Erickson September 5, 2019

Brother Oliver is offering a carnival invitation. Location: Well, Hell. "It's a psychedelic circus," Andrew Oliver says of the South Carolina duo’s fourth album. He and younger brother Stephen serve as ring leaders. There are no trapeze artists or tightrope walkers. Instead, the high-wire act is the haunting bouzouki and hovering trumpet. 

The two multi-instrumentalists grew up…

Rubio's Recommendations - Picking Grow Lights

John Rubio September 5, 2019

When it comes to growing cannabis successfully, light is a key factor for healthy growth and dense, yielding buds. Although natural sunlight is optimal for cannabis growing, many cultivators prefer to grow indoors and not worry about the rainy or cloudy days. As a grower indoors you will be able to give your plants high intensity lighting, and…

Nostalgia Meets Folklore: The Evolution of Brother Oliver

Erickson August 30, 2019

CANNAPAGES dispatched music correspondent Matt Erickson to Appleton, Wisconsin, for the 7th annual Mile of Music festival. There he first encountered Andrew and Stephen Oliver, the South Carolina “psych-folk” duo known as Brother Oliver. Two weeks later, as the band returned from the Philadelphia Folk Festival to their home in Greenville, SC, Erickson spoke with Andrew to discuss…

Album Notes - The Artisanals - The Artisanals

Erickson August 27, 2019

“I wish it was more like Appleton, Wisconsin.” Says nobody ever. Until they do a comparison of music festivals. The 7th annual Mile of Music took place in the eastern Wisconsin city over the first weekend of August. The entirely free-entry event features up-and-coming artists, largely of folk and indie rock leanings, from around the country. Any bar…

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