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Steve Bans Trevors from Attending SteveCon

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Demands all Trevors “Cease and Desist” Immediately

Relations between Steve and Trevor reached new lows this week as Steve went through with his despicable promise to ban all Trevors from SteveCon, the upcoming extravaganza that celebrates everything Steve. 
   “With this decree I hereby deny any Trevor the rights otherwise granted by myself and my constituents in this house,” he told a packed living room of five roommates. The issue under judicial review, is whether Trevor can enter any other parts of the house during SteveCon, which unofficially takes over the entire house. “He puts up streamers in the stairs, balloons in the shower,” said roommate Ted McInnick. “I doubt Trevor is gonna try to come for SteveCon. I’ll be at the cabin that weekend.” 
   Some backed Steve, not because they hated on Trevor, but “just due to the party last week, where Trevor puked all over the piano before passing out on the rug in the foyer.” Others insisted the ban opposes their ideals. “It’s not what I stand for,” said roommate Corey Hughes. “Trevor and all Trevors should be able to come by for SteveCon. Even if Steve’s ex is a huge Trevor fan now.”

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