Amnesia Haze from Artisanal Medicinal

Amnesia Haze from Artisanal Medicinal

February 6, 2016

Amnesia Haze has been a top potency contender for well over a decade now, drawing upon a cross-world pedigree of Afghani, Hawaiian, Laotian and Jamaican land-races for the ultimate cerebral demolition. It’s the kind of bud that probably inspired “Flower Power” of the sixties, yet even the hippies would have been dumbfounded by the bedazzling high.

  From the get go, our sample from Artisanal Medicinal was a confectioner's dream, overladen in sweetness like candy, the cream of Haze dressed with bubblegum aromas and a slight taste of strawberry in the smoke. The same classy essence stuck to the fingers as we ground the sticky bud into a heaping bowl.

  The first hit pummeled us with breath-taking levity throughout the body but not in an overwhelming sense. A furiously strong speed of mind overtook instead, coursing through the tongue and jowls to the back of the head and deep into the cerebrum as if we could feel our own brains. What began as a spark turned into a blur. “Really, it’s not as forgetful as the name suggests,” one critic opined, a remark that would soon be forgotten.

  A zany, earthquaking spell fell over us with quite the psychological twist: we simultaneously assumed we could walk or move or function, error free, while completely incapable to do anything of the sort. Nor could we respond at all in the conversational sense, though our facial expressions suggested total comprehension. The climb continued for at least 45 minutes at break-neck speed, even to the point of being unable to contain ourselves.

  Hunger was staved off dramatically for the first hour, then like a swift jolt, the munchies arrived in full swing. Ice cream sundaes were constructed with every topping in reach, from toffee to strawberries. As the next 2-3 hours wound up and down, we strolled through cognizance, like wide-eyed zombies running a pub marathon. Had we not taken detailed notes, there would’ve been nothing but hazy recollections of our fantastical journey by the morning after. Don’t dare miss this strain.

Photo by Ry Prichard