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May 22, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Strain: Blurple

Potency: 16.15% Total Cannabinoids

When Blurple made Kush Magazine’s December centerfold last year, the designers depicted a barrage of flying purple elephants and dolphin-rockets fan-faring a lounging fairy upon the crescent moon. It suggested a psychedelia reaching far beyond the conventional Purple family tree, and so, the Critics had to sample it. Good thing it’s available at the four Beyond Broadway locations, and at a very good price.

 Blurple came dressed in a bluish purple, a feathery bud of “early-90’s gray hypercolor,” in a crystal THC coat. Her aroma was overwhelmingly grape, with currants and tart berries. Hints of curry accompanied the grind. “Powerful!” one critic cried after the first puff. The world seemed to stop momentarily, as an eye-tingling, eye-watering banshee of a mind-racer knocked us far from physical equilibrium.

   The strain’s cerebral effects came quickly but quietly. Those of us who reviewed the strain together anticipated a larger head high and were immediately fooled. It grew at exponential pace, completely unnoticed, until our small group had become the fountainhead of creativity and mysticism. A Wonderlandicmagic veiled our surroundings, though it was unique to each of us, and those who medicated with 2.5+ doses were more persistent on being isolated.

   Otherwise, the experience was fairly bright and musical, worthy of a singing-in-the-rain optimism, gaining momentum with mid-day energy but numbing the body. It wasn’t a stagnant heaviness, but rather, the opposite. We walked with levity, as if gravity were decreasing. Forgetful and unorthodox, many of us were struck the impulse to try new things, although we lacked many of the analytical skills needed to make solid decisions.

   We all agreed that Blurple is a post-lunch strain, and in moderation, perfect for the library, lecture hall, or long work meeting, provided you don’t have to say a word to anyone. A couple of us measured the indica’s effectiveness at night (it worked well). One reported, “The high hit both with the initial puff, and then, creeping climax. Once that climax hit, sleep was inevitable. I was out.”

   With munchies savory but limited, the Blurple landed with a subdued plateau after about three hours, as the resonant body faded. The cerebral insanity only stayed for an hour or two, and at that point, sleepiness and laziness took full control.

Full Results from Herbal Synergy:

15.77% THC

0.08% CBD

0.30% CBN

Published on December 15, 2013
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