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December 12, 2017
Ashburn, VA


To honor the season, our editors have hand-picked their top-tested strain favorites in Colorado, all truly worthy of our coveted “Cream o’the Crop” designation!

Click on the strain below to discover which dispensary it came from. You can also click on the to read the associated CannaCritique. All percentages are THC.  Happy hunting!

Greater Boulder
Black Triangle 23.59%
Shire 21.15%
Ghost Trainwreck Haze 20.63%
Chem (4) 20.06%
Drizella 19.65%

Gtr. Colorado Springs
Sour Nightmare 23.29%
SinMint Cookies 22.02%
Pineapple Express 21.76%
Grape Ape 21.01%
Golden Goat 20.92%
Blue Dream 20.78%
Wookies #1 20.51%
Moonshine Haze 19.05%

Greater Denver
Jabberwocky 28.53%
Death Star 26.52%
Girl Scout Cookies 24.37%
Bruce Banner (3) 22.65%
Grape Stomper 21.12%
Golden Goat 19.84%
Purple Cotton 20.33%
LA Confidential 19.24%
Chunky Diesel 19.06%

Mountain Slopes
Hawaiian 19.45%
Jilly Bean 18.91%
Glass Slipper 18.66%
Durban Poison 18.03%

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