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May 22, 2018
San Francisco, CA

It’s sort of ironic that the following for Durban Poison is a little like those who enjoy black licorice. Given the rarity, fans of the strain will latch on--sometimes calling several dispensaries--looking for the South African delicacy. Anyone can buy a sativa, after all, but not every sativa is 100% pure, with the exotic essence of star anise, recognizable from 20 feet away.

  Our latest Poison came from the mountains, as a hairless but burly bud. The aroma was undoubtedly DP, a little subdued, with hints of lemon and pine. Although the 1st puff was mild, the second powerfully knocked us asunder. Head down, the spine seemed to contract as we fought to maintain control.

  The first ten minutes were very active. Visibility was not impaired, but certainly dizzying, as the growing pain relief extended rapidly throughout the limbs. The eyes became heavy and a swallowing reflex ensued for a couple reviewers. Cerebral buzzing and tingling eventually settled in, and we found that sobriety could be faked, but not without an eccentric disposition.

  It was an energizing kickstart to the day with a dose of motivation. The body and mind balanced well, although a few of us were fidgety and couldn’t multi-task or watch TV while attempting “intelligent” tasks. A perfect strain for spring-cleaning or a day in the park, the Durban would be disastrous if combined with office work, operating machinery, or sleeping.

  A vast field of characteristics were noted: “Creative.” “Emotional.” “Exploring.” “Amiable and forgiving.” Durban was also noted as the perfect morning medicine, enough to disconnect the scatterbrained mind into a million pieces. Contemplation ranged from general introspection to fascination by local elements (antiques, cool signs, cars, etc.). With foggy-eyed munchies, we were almost all content to just sit and stare for the full second hour.

  The only drawbacks were occasional bouts with vertigo and reports of poor memory from everyone. “It’s actually VERY forgetful,” one critic said. “You’ll never know what you were doing two minutes prior.” Don’t use during your morning routine if you have places to be. And most of all, don’t Poison yourself before doing something responsible, like your taxes.

Published on April 7, 2014
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