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June 23, 2018
San Francisco, CA

While it might not fix your broken lamp, Gorilla Glue #4 is a potent hybrid worth picking up from Buddies, especially if you’re into crystals. Although the strain heralds from a Chemsis, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb background, there’s a reason it got named after the popular adhesive: stickiness from mega trichome-cover had this morsel nearly dripping. What huge bracts, bulbous calyxes, and dark, pinot noir hairs--all genuinely sugary-coated as if dusted at a bakery--so scrumptious was our sample that a crowd quickly gathered to watch the grind.

  Thankfully, sweetness paired strangely well with the chem-stench of glue, which permeated the bud, but not in a bad way. The smell filled the room and carried undertones of roasted caramel, if even a slight Exodus Cheese, peppery but pungent. The smoke was clean and indicative of a full flush, but thick enough to blow rings.

  Oh, how she made introductions. Not debilitating but pleasurable, the initial spark struck lightning square between the eyes like the Diesel Express. She was a mover, a stretcher, a thinker. Cheekbone pressure was rampant , and facial muscles dragged toward the floor. One critic actually drooled. The reeling, gasping return from momentary vertigo was accompanied by a cloudy cognition and jolted limbs, but we were entirely unable to properly describe what was going on.

  Release of muscle tension continued to the rest of the body, and sitting was necessary, no matter how awake we felt. It was not a social strain, but reflective; keep a notebook handy for divine epiphanies and seek an inspiring environment. We did not lack control or mental ability; nor was the psychedelic riptide inebriating--in fact, there were no giggles or embarrassing impairment of intelligence. Great for creative endeavors and lucid production, we had both gumption to finish our work, plus the levity to face the mundane.

  As the high grew, time vanished, and not in the casual sense. The clock could have struck midnight without our knowledge. Twenty minutes suddenly turned into two hours, and it wasn’t long before we began an eternal descent that was like waking from a dream. Critics agreed: Use with caution, and keep the Gorilla around for those days when you need something stronger than all the rest.

Photography by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia

Published on October 13, 2015
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