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April 19, 2018
San Francisco, CA

What do you get when cross Skunk #1 with White Widow? If you said Peacemaker, Shark Shock, or White Shark, you’d be correct. They’re all alternative monikers for Great White Shark--which, to be perfectly anal about it, actually comes from “Black” Widow, the dark doppelganger of the original ‘White.’ GWS peaked more than a decade ago in popularity, but still holds a solid place on the medicine shelf with its simple genetics and the strong signature effects of its infamous parents.
   Our original specimen came from AMCH carrying the aromatic spice of nutmeg and sage. The acrid stenches from its Black Widow roots only amplified as we broke the thick bracts apart, although mixture with Skunk’s sweet and creamy tendencies produced a unique and colorful potpourri. It wasn’t until the smoke struck the tongue that we tasted cinnamon.
   The first hit broke our quiet normalcy abruptly; numbness riveted through the body but especially in the limbs. Thought-processes and speech were not affected, but a heavy sense of self-awareness set in.
   The eyes watered and all reviewers enjoyed a riveting, focused high with no sinking feeling; empowered, we were all able to work well. Two critics with lower tolerance experienced slight vertigo for the first 30-60 minutes, but nothing they couldn’t handle. Munchies were strong, and one of us whorfed down a sandwich in under 45 seconds.
   Particularly notable was the ravenous inspiration derived from GWS. Like a burst of a creativity to the spirit, we found the strain overwhelmingly supportive of imagination and task performance, even if the motivation to do them dropped significantly. Lucid and encouraging, we definitely felt that “Peacemaker” is a much more appropriate sobriquet than that of a Great White (unless the Cannoisseur has dark secrets lurking the id which must be brought to surface, then watch out).
   Good for afternoons, the experience is worth at least a couple of high-powered hours on the beach, in the water, or traversing the murky depths of one’s own thoughts.

Published on April 7, 2014
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