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October 17, 2018
San Francisco, CA

   Jilly Bean is a taster’s choice bud, the kind of bud you smoke for the exotic flavor. The hybrid combines the tangy cream of Orange Skunk–technically, Orange Velvet–and Space Queen, a fruity descendant of Romulan and C99, to produce a delicious and thick morsel that grinds like a pink jelly bean. Our sample from Burnzwell was bright green with fiery neon hairs and large calyxes. The thick, well-cured nugs found a perfect balance between fluffiness and density.

    Ground, the JB erupted like a gooey gumdrop, with an aroma disputed between mango and plum. The grind and burn revealed additional floral tones, and even the smoke was aromatically pleasant. Our first hit struck first in the face and neck, inducing a major swallowing reflex. The focus remained intact, as a calm settled in. But critics were still energetic enough to enjoy the growing cerebral impairment, which only tripled with a second puff.

    One critic reported that after only 15 minutes, walking was “awkward” and that he had to “second-guess” every step for a while. Indeed, motor skills went downhill for awhile. Seasoned veterans may remain somewhat functional, but all other patients should avoid large doses during until night or over the weekend.

    Forgetfulness and self-introspection increased, as did mood elevation–but be warned that negative moods or feelings can become enhanced as well. That said, the possibilities are great for sunny day errands, but depressing for rainy days. Jilly B also makes for a great road-tripping strain, adding warmth to landscapes and casual conversation. For 2+ hours we enjoyed the bud, with hopes to return for more. It was a perfect combination of taste and chill without the embarrassing nuttiness and zone-out.

Published on December 15, 2013
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