Lemon Skunk Wax from Colorado Extract Company

Lemon Skunk Wax from Colorado Extract Company

January 17, 2015

Circulating around the state’s extract market these days is the new medical-company Colorado Extract Company (CEC), fresh on the menu but certainly not strangers to process. The company takes a proud artisan approach: they are best known for their fresh frozen, hand-trim water hash. Our sample, from the Lemon Skunk strain, carried the fresh, salubrious look of sun-bleached brown sugar in tiny crumbles. Within the jar lingered notes of grape soda, while the sample itself revealed a creamy-tart bouquet of cowberry and orange.

  On the editor’s sampling table were both rig and vapor pen - she puffed smoothly either way. “I’m goin’ on a journey,” the first reviewer announced to the rest upon exhaling, and fell backward into his recliner. No matter the size of the dab, the head-rush was psychedelic. We were all floored.

  That first hit was so pulverizing that no one needed more. For those of us who dared to stretch our lungs with the pull, the madness came on especially strong. “Even though I smoke frequently, I didn’t know what to do,” it was noted, “I took one huge hit which sent me to my bedroom, face down, curled up in a ball and closed my eyes. I saw random sequences of animation on the wall nearby for nearly a half hour.”

  Indeed, we were all on the path to a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. “No activities were going to be completed and I didn’t try,” said Editor Rolv Harris.

  “I could’ve gotten lost in just about anything,” wrote another critic. “I went straight for Halo,  something ‘couch-worthy’” It took several minutes to regain use of our hands in order to even fill out the critique form. The rush eventually hit a long high plateau after a series of peaks and valleys, lasting well over 6 hours for some.

  One of the most significant results was the unstoppable munchies. When finally we could move, we went on a rampage of the kitchen, and Applebee’s down the street. First came the tortilla chips, then veggie chicken nuggets (with every condiment in the fridge), and eventually two full orders of fried cheese curds.

  Though no one fell asleep right away, it was common after a few hours--at least in a power nap. Those that survived to the other side awake were in the mood to go boating but settled on skeeball after breakfast at Sam’s. A truly solid product, it would be wise, if not canna-savvy to request this one by name at your local medical dispensary. For every gram sold in 2015 (including their forthcoming solvent-extracts), CEC will be planting a tree in Colorado. As if we needed another reason to dab!

Photography from Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia