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June 18, 2018
San Francisco, CA

   Querkle can be as rare a find as the strains from which it was bred: Purple Urkle and Space Dude (the “scientific” name for a Space Queen male used in selective breeding). Combining the succulent grape indica with Queen’s exotic, cerebral lineage, Querkle is a complex, sweet strain whose flavors can vary from harvest to harvest.

   Our latest sample came into the office quietly, but cracking the container was like popping open a pungent Cabernet. Its sandy light hairs and snow-white crystals covered a very enigmatic bud, aromatically-speaking. While critics agreed on sharp Romulan characteristics, they also noted fruit punch, sugar toast, and pound cake.

   The first hit zapped our motivation immediately, and the task of writing actual reviews seemed impossible. Parts of the body rumbled slowly along, but the immediate take was very cerebral. The nerves rang and there was even tingling in the extremities. Each reviewer had measured difficulty even completing sentences for the first 20 minutes.

   A mood-elevator and perfect chill out strain, Querkle should be handled carefully. Appointments were canceled, multi-tasking difficult, and there was no thinking outside the box. With cloudy heads, exercise was not possible, nor was reading. The created juices flowed, but not with the energy to manifest, perform, paint or build–any of it. In the end, those who enjoyed the strain most, chose to just sit back and enjoy as if taking in a dream. “Watch a movie,” one wrote, “Or stumble down to the dock with fishing pole in hand.”

   Pain relief was at 60-70% with some sleepiness. Some Critics hailed the selection’s imperative for deep meditation, an introspective ride. Others found it easy to get lost in music, as they did way back in college, and lay down for an afternoon nap. The experience lasted 1.5-2 hours with red eyes the entire time…there’s no faking this high. But if you’ve given into the instinct to isolate yourself from the general public, there shouldn’t be any problem.

   Querkle was exhilarating and somewhat debilitating. We enjoyed the Indica head-high, much different from the paranoia and craziness of too much Sativa. The strain must be used in moderation, especially to maintain a train of thought in day-to-day routine. A long duration and kind resolve means you can smoke this one throughout the day–but, of course, you’ll be completely worthless.

Published on December 15, 2013
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