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June 23, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Would that the fields of sage throughout this state could be cannabis. S.A.G.E., or the Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, fits right in the middle as hybrids go, combining the pure and standard indica with a sativa thought to be rooted in California’s Big Sur. The latter is evident in its lemongrass essence, with traces of recognizable hops from natural sage. The bud was tight and dense, but not heavy. There was hardly a leaf on the crystalled morsel; as it ground, the room filled with the aroma of Nag Champa and citral.

 The first puff hit hard, but the real effects crept in a few minutes later, and did not stop. Electrified, we tried to . Blunders were a problem. The cerebral high continued to grow for at least an hour, often leading to embarrassing speech impediment and clumsy fingers. Unmistakably, the strain tended towards the paranoid for newbies. But it wasn’t overpowering, as the the gentle waves zapped the body in lower dosage. It was hard not to sit. The critics enjoyed the detente of a few chaise lounges and bean-bag chairs.

 At first, she was task-worthy. But every task carried added difficulty. It was a breeze to make coffee or finish a few morning house chores, for instance. Motivation wasn’t impaired, but everything was done out of order and impulsively. Then there were moments of inner contemplation--a very spiritual strain and one of peace -- but one that distanced the rest of the world, far away. The smallest of details, sights or sounds, increased exponentially and gained philosophical meaning. Time passed quickly. We bounced from enhanced awareness, to being completely lost, back and forth, ad infinitum.

  As an hour passed, it was coffee or nap. Reviewers realized they were “starting too many projects and not finishing anything.” Others noted “nostalgia” and “sentimental reminiscing,” as well as “desensitization, especially to touch.” A slurred speech and disheveled appearance became difficult to disguise. With such an up and down, we reckon that’s where S.A.G.E’s real “equilibrium” lies - not just genetics, but in the definitive crossover from the racing sativa high to a buzzing body, all within 3-4 hours.

Published on December 15, 2013
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