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November 12, 2018
San Francisco, CA
Published on May 11, 2016

When it comes to perfecting the difficult process of CO2 extraction, there are only a few ways to do it right, and many ways to get it wrong. With their tongue-stunning Papaya CO2 extract, it's safe to say that Colorado Cannabis Company has perfected the method.

This sample came from Pure Marijuana Dispensary, and a golden oil flowed brilliantly from the syringe like dripping honeycomb in summer. The viscosity was far less than other CO2 extracts we've sampled; this is as close to pure THC oil as you can get. True to its name, Papaya’s sweet aroma of golden syrup and papaya honey sticks snagged our tastebuds as we poured out a pea-sized drop to feast upon.

The second that Papaya hit the molten surface, a cloud of haze transformed the team into newbies, sprawling for balance. Like a shooting star to the brain, a jolt of levity accompanied the…

Published on May 11, 2016

Never have we been disappointed by La Bodega’s specialty strains or friendly service, and their Purple Lemon Skunk has raised the bar for top-shelf product. This family-owned business puts a lot of pride and care into their plants, and the attention to detail is unmistakable. Boasting gigantic sugary buds, the P.L. Skunk is one of the most superb visual examples of growing-done-right.

The nug’s brilliant dark green hues and lime undertones were almost overshadowed by  pockets of imperial violet foliage decorating the dazzling morsels. Her impressive looks were heightened by wiry orange hairs cross-weaving a thick coat of trichomes. Even before breaking apart, the distinct smells of grape juice and lemons announced their holy matrimony. And with the grind brought out the elusive and creamy Skunk.

The first hit was easy on the lungs and but riveting for the mind. The world turned 180 degrees in a slow motion, in…

Published on May 11, 2016

Meet Wifi Alien, also known as Wildfire Alien or as our critics like to call it: “Oliver Twist.” This fierce indica hybrid from Colorado’s own Chronic Therapy will blast you off into space and leave you begging “Please sir, I’d like some more.”

Our sample selection donned a fine crystalline coat of giant trichomes sparkling like diamonds, amidst a sea of cinnamon-red pistils, all with a refreshing scent of sugar-coated lemon zest. We could just as easily have packed without a grind, but it is highly recommended for the kief fallout alone. Packing a bowl felt like digging through sand with wet hands.

The spark ignited a strong cerebral rush, crossing the eyes and buzzing the face intensely--so hard that we had to stop and focus on breathing. Within 15 minutes, the madness was more contained, but as a gravitational wild card. Motor skills slowly recovered to about 50%, and…

Published on May 11, 2016

The Spot sent over a true beauty, Bubba Tango, part of a never-ending arsenal of heavy-hitters. The potent aroma of this Bubba Kush and Tango hybrid overpowered the sinuses immediately, and the sandy mess of trichomes did little to hide splotches of purple and orange pistils. Her delicious aroma was that of Juicy Fruit, topped with brisk pine. With the first spark, mango surfaced, infused with subtle organic undertones.

Our selection of crept, and crept, and did not stop creeping, until total cerebral impairment was upon us -- completely changing our plans for the afternoon. With slight surprise, we were suddenly locked in a daze. Yet, calming sensations erased tension and soreness. Life became a slow-motion film scene.

Within an hour of smoking, we were pleasantly staring off into space with little motivation to leave our seats. The moderate psychoactive effects peaked and remained constant for a full two hours…

Published on May 11, 2016

A cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, Grandaddy Purple is a well-known indica your grandfather would approve of. Elevations' selection was even dressed in a viscous earthy essence reminiscent of Sunday brunch with the grandparents. Its dense, frosted foliage intricately covered the flower with clusters of purple, amidst traces of neon green and orange hairs. A sharp, grapefruit aroma further allured the senses and beckoned a grind.  

Slow waves flowed over the body. A gentle invisible hat manifested after about five minutes, providing a steady tingling behind the eyes. The calm and relaxation offered just enough motivation to seek out simple yet engaging forms of entertainment. The physical lethargy, however, escalated, and we pleasantly strolled like zombies.

The potency level was perfect for a relaxing afternoon barbeque or catching up on last season's House of Cards. After the initial head high mellowed, the effects of the strain left…

Published on May 11, 2016

Colorado Best Budz's Tangerine Chem delivers a moderately strong high with mild mental stimulation. As to be expected with any strain crossed with Chemdog, she produces heavy euphoric effects felt throughout the entire body, and its first name promotes its tangy scent. Zoning-out after a day of activity has never felt so good.

  Cracking the bud was like peeling a Clementine, matched with aromas of pungent sugar and botanical blossoms. The buds were shamrock green with bright orange clusters and trichome-speckled hairs. The smoke was luscious and smooth, with a hint of cloves, and a spicy gumdrop aftertaste.

  The first puff was powerful--our minds slowly began to zone-out within minutes, lost in the noise outside and the afternoon shadows. Short bursts of spastic and psychedelic energy helped maintain a steady and euphoric high. But we couldn’t move, either. A heightened sense of hearing was shared by at least a alert…

Published on May 11, 2016

For a solvent-less extract that tops any shatter or wax, you’ll need to turn to the expert cannasseurs at Quality Choice. Simply put, they've created a super potent (and byproduct-free) rosin that deserves every bit of praise we can muster. If we were told to choose one extract, concentrate or flower to smoke for the rest of our lives - this would be a main contender.

  As we unwrapped our ravishing sample, derived from Sour Diesel, the overwhelming scent of sweet pine and tangerines immediately launched an olfactory assault. The pungent smell alone prompted drooling. Her waxy appearance reminded us of creamy brown butter, but unlike its dairy doppelgänger, this rosin easily broke apart like a moist cookie.

  The first dab felt like a line drive straight to the dome. The sharp organic taste and “super clean high” gave way to a wakeful and focused sense of mind. Moods lifted…

Published on May 11, 2016

While most indicas relax the body more than the mind, Tangerine Kush provides a stimulating cerebral blast in addition to its full-bodied effects. The strain also earns its fruity moniker from a strong citrus essence and neon orange pistils. Our sample from Quality Choice fit the profile precisely, with a tangy fragrance that filled the room, and a tantalizing aroma that was impossible to deny.

   Our nugget shimmered in crystals coating every square millimeter of neon green right down to its stems. Clusters of bright sunfire hairs protruded from the fluffy buds; they were soft enough to break apart without using a grinder. The scent of sweet citrus with floral undertones followed en suite.

   Light smoke glazed the tongue with a spicy, woody essence and subtle, zesty magnolia. What followed was an exhilarating, thought-provoking thrillride. Creative energy overflowed, as the body reached a gladden state of tranquility. Despite…

Published on May 11, 2016

With a name that vividly conjures images of Slimer and the Ghostbusters, one hit of Ecto Cooler will send you straight into the spirit world. Widely revered for producing some of the tastiest and most unique strains, Three River Organics have simply outdone themselves with this incredibly powerful indica.

She was a dense nug, like an impenetrable pine thicket, emerald in color and splashed with the glitter of trichomes. A coarse layer of burnt sienna pistils weaved throughout. Subtle aromas of pine, earth and even citrus casually made introductions even before she was put to the grind. Once broken apart, a peppered spice erupted and struck the senses in full force.

The first spark was like the precision particle beam of a proton pack. All that one critic could manage to get out was: “Wow.” The immediate roller-coaster of a cerebral high riveted down the backbone and into the extremities…

Published on May 11, 2016

If you’re looking for a potent indica hybrid worthy of a Cannabis Cup, feast your sweet tooth on Cookies Kush from Canna Meds. This powerful offspring of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush produces a relaxing and pain-alleviating high that is second to none. And, like all other award-winning strains from Canna Meds, you can actually taste the full bloom, quality flush and cure.

Dense and resistant to a good squeeze, the buds were tight and fluffy little green rocks. Fantastic amber pistil stubble curled around the compact nugs as a protective coat of arms to the cream-colored crystal-cover. A mixture of chem and sugary earth essence emerged from the grind and kept this sample a mystery, as the Cookies would not relinquish her secrets so easily.

The burn was a pleasure. Her unmistakeable rich and full-bodied flavor left the taste of cream on the lips. The effects slowly crept…

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