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September 21, 2018
San Francisco, CA
Published on December 15, 2013

   Pandora’s Box was so named for spectacle of terror unleashed upon the world when an innocent woman became curious…the analogy could be aptly applied to a cannabis flower, starting with the large jar, or even referencing its contents. But the important part of the legend, is that the evils were irreversible. While it can’t last forever, the strain, P.B., is known for its drawn out, full-body experience, much like the unleashed evils according to legend.

    Our local specimen, from New Options, carried a nutty, diesel aroma, masked by a sweet pearberry. Her rustic hairs seemed a prelude to the grind, with notes of a hickory smoker. The first hit was a ripple of tingling through body. The head became a deadweight and a few reported immediate swallowing reflexes. Each limb followed suite, with sinking heaviness. The only part not entirely impaired was the brain. The functionality was pleasurable…

Published on December 15, 2013

Trenchtown dispensary recently launched, doing its best to transport us highlanders to the low-lying wellspring of Jamaican culture. And with the Wailers kicking off their latest tour just days ago in our neck of the woods, it seemed only appropriate to see if the local med selection lived up to the moniker. Our critics agreed: although we can’t issue a Jamaican Order of Merit, we certainly concede these growers deserve it.

   They proved it with their exquisitely aromatic Triple Sour Diesel. Its combination of Sour and NYC Diesels produced the expected Diesel-heavy notes with a slight citrus-chem of OG Kush thrown in. The bud was bright green with thick calyxes and velvety, rosewood-colored pistils. Passionately grown, the selection had been admirably pushed to the end of its cycle, well-flushed, and cured. It was even sticky.

   The first hit was strong and massively cerebral, powerful and focused. Although energizing…

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