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Purple Kush from RedEye Releaf

July 22, 2014

You won’t get a more Afghani-bred strain than Purple Kush, the 100% Indica cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Our sample from RedEye Releaf came in fluffy but dense, perfectly cured, and perfectly cut, with golden THC cover. Grind and spark unleashed the odors of black currant and taste of plantains (with a hint of spice).
   The first hit struck right between the eyes. It was heavy, immediately, starting in the jaw, back to the brainstem, and then down to upper back and legs. More waves would come. She was an indica creeper indeed, but not with problematic…

Purple Urkle from AMCH

July 22, 2014

A glistening mutant of the Purps genotype, Urkle is some of the most exotic-looking bud you’ll find. Ala Mardi Gras, the bright green calyxes, orange pistils, and dark purple leaves create an a beautiful and colorful spectacle that naturally signals festive times. The personal cure added a hint of woodiness to the overall aroma from our specimen, but the taste was definitive grape. Not the fruit itself, or even jelly, per se, but clear and utter grape SweetTart. The large, silver-dollar sized SweetTart.
   We were bedazzled from the start. The bud was best packed and smoked when ground-up, and…

Pre '98 Bubba Kush from Buddies Wellness

July 13, 2014

Pre-98 Bubba Kush is like a pair of authentic Converse All-Star sneakers--the originals. Though popular during simpler times, the real thing is rare to come by these days, and worth picking up when you run into it. Our sample from Buddies came in bright green and tie-dyed purple, with a blanket of dark golden hairs, and amber crystal frost. Classic Kush aromas permeated the bag deliciously and exploded during the grind. Critics noted a wide range of additional impressions, including lime, sweet pine, orange cream soda and “earthy.” Smoking revealed a dark and resinous taste and crisp grape innuendo with…

Girl Scout Cookies from Fox Wellness

April 7, 2014

CannLabs Test Results: 24.37% THC

The decision between Tagalong’s and Samoa’s might be difficult, but at least you only have to decide once a year. Not so much with the readily-available and hot-trending strain, Girl Scout Cookies. As one of the most sought-after on the market, and so many shops starting to sell it, how do you know which one is superior? One method is a taste test--and we had the pleasure of sampling a homegrown version from Denver’s Fox Street Wellness.
   GSC is hyped as a dessert strain, perhaps something to pair with a Port wine, and our…

Colorado Clear from Altitude Organic Medicine

April 7, 2014

CannLabs Test Results: 71.01% THC

Altitude Organic first made a splash years ago when they came out with the first branded ‘Caviar’ (hash-oil infused nuggets rolled in kief) distributed around town. Now the dispensary has another gem circulating through Denver stores on the wholesale market: Colorado Clear. One of the first well-marketed dab-able solventless concentrates, this one sets a high potency precedent by testing at solvent levels (a very admirable 71.01% THC).
   Our helping of the potent potable was light-complexioned and crumbled in thin crisps. Critics noted a bouquet of aromatic variety: it was was tart and peppery specimen…

Death Star from Buddies Wellness

April 7, 2014

CannLabs Test Results: 26.52% THC

To conjure the power of the “DeathStar” takes both brilliance, functionality, and a little bit of a dark-side. While we aren’t here to debate the Tarkin Doctrine or Galactic Standard Calendar, the comparison to a weapon of immense power is overdue as this strain delivers both sensational strong indica effects and very high THC. That’s thanks to a Sensi Star heritage, crossed with the dominating cerebral versatility of Sour Diesel.
   Our specimen from Buddies Wellness was sugar-dusted as always with near-perfect cure/dry and pleasant stickiness. A pinch and grind revealed strong Pinesol aroma, like…

Chai High Iced Tea from Keen Greens (Solace Meds)

December 15, 2013

Product: Chai High Iced Tea MIPS: Keen Greens (Solace Meds)

THC: 316.69 mg per 12 oz bottle

Best Price: @ Buddies Wellness, $12

Never in our history of reviewing edibles have we felt compelled to invoke the White Rabbit - but that changed when the new Chai High Iced Tea came to town. Even those who typically avoid iced tea will want to try this one, if not for the delusional and utterly fantastic experience. No other “extreme” version of any Colorado beverage has the both mega-cannabinoids (~317 total mg in this case) and such actual punch. It might not…

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