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Jungle Nugs from AOM

September 16, 2019

Jungle Nugs are an unspoken part the Altitude Organic Medicine story; as far Colorado industry history goes, AOM created this White Widow derivative, and we believe them to be the only ones still growing it. The indica-leaning hybrid is a customer favorite -- and we got to see why: not only do the buds look like huge sponges rolled in sugar, but each puff delivers wacky euphoria as preamble to an hours-long vortex.

The buds were large and girthy, of dark neon flair, with bright cantaloupe stubble and glistening crystal cover. At first they smelled a little like grapefruit, but…

Bay 11 from Quality Choice

September 16, 2019

A sativa from legendary Grower Grand Daddy Purp, Bay 11 is an oft-overlooked gem that packs a huge punch, then lingers a long time in dizzying kaleidoscope of introspection. Our sample came by way of the local experts at Quality Choice, who recommend it for “an ability to relax the mind and body, while still keeping you energized and focused on the day's activities.” With a massive “relaxation” session, we CannaCritics put it to the test.

The buds were colorful and spongy, like a forest bed of mossy green, with “blasts of purple sun beams scattered in between.” Deep red…

Lemon Cookies from Three Rivers

September 16, 2019

With so many takes on GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) we're always trying out new amalgamations, and we were jazzed to procure some Lemon Cookies from local staple, Three Rivers Organics. With Lemon Skunk in the lineage, the OG Kush essence from both parents  reaches the pinnacle of its spectacular metamorphosis here, from terps to effects like giddy happiness and laid-back floating. The result was a flamboyant, spaced out, gravity-free social hour unique all to its own signature high.

Our buds were plump and well-trimmed, notably technicolor--featuring splotches of deep purple--with bristly sandy brown stubble. A melange of various aromas…

Cactus Breath from Abundant Organics/Oasis

July 18, 2019

Like a dessert jubilee comes the sentimental and brain-bending mayhem of Cactus Breath, a doppelganger Indica of both starry-eyed jouissance and deep undertow. The strain is known for strong long-lasting high on both sides of the cerebral/body spectrum, making for a quintessential summer strain. We were excited to review the local version found at Oasis Dispensaries grown by Abundant Organics, whose selection was particularly exploding with terpenes. 

The nuggets were huge and dense, absolutely blanketed with crystals, with a full beard of Baltic amber hairs. True to form, the strain combined the sweet and creamy Mendo Breath with the earthy…

Gorilla Glue #4 from Epic Remedy

July 18, 2019

Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) is a sativa-dominant sucker-punch, not for the faint of heart. The strain, which gets its moniker from the resinous adhesive-like stickiness of its crystal cover, is a common top shelf selection at Colorado establishments but not one always done right. That’s one reason it was a treat to sample Epic Remedy’s crop, known for the tenacious potency, and we were not disappointed.  

   The buds were pale, dense but spongy, and well-trimmed. With bright orange hairs and a full mask of crystals, she’d been cured to perfection and the jar could barely hide it. She exploded with…

Purple Cherry Ultra Refined Live Resin from Quality Choice

July 18, 2019

The process to create Ultra Refined Live Resin produces an immaculate and smooth product that makes you feel like you’re dabbing silk in Monte Carlo. Even better, it amplifies the purest of tastes from the bud, a thrilling palate when you’re talking about the lip-smacking berry Koolaid flavors of Cherry Cream Pie #5 and Purple Punch. Together they make an indica-dominant hybrid that is as delicious as it is powerful, and we were able to pick up a sample from Quality Choice.

We critics recognize both parents for their taste, but this was different. A bit like smelling the creamy…

White Cindy 99 from Three Rivers

July 18, 2019

A sativa-hybrid of mad potency, White Cindy 99 offers something that most highs, debilitating as they are, cannot: the simultaneous escape from a crazy reality with a razor-sharp focus that rivals energy drinks or other methods of meditation. An amalgamation of The White and Cindy 99, the flower is an ideal day-strain for any connoisseur, and we were delighted to try some from Three Rivers. 

Critics couldn’t help but fawn over the frostiness of the girthy buds. Each dusted everything it touched with the same sandy trichomes that caught our eyes in the first place; our fingers, the rolling tray…

Alien OG Kush w/ SHO in PALM CONE from AOM

July 18, 2019

It’s been a little while since we saw any Alien mutants through these parts; the once-common Chemdawg derivative is now fairly rare (save a couple of “sightings” here and there). But one variation, Alien OG Kush is a permanent fixture at AOM, and we recently got to sample the harvest in an SHO Palm Cone (rolled with bubble hash), ultimately boosting our experience tenfold. Let’s just say, it made a good summer afternoon great.

A savvy alternative to your typical cannagar, these leaf-wrapped cones are available in a bunch of other strains, all with organic flower, and each concentrate extracted…

Gorilla Glue #4 from Oasis

May 21, 2019

Gorilla Glue #4 is a potent hybrid worth the trip to Oasis, especially if you’re into crystals. Heralding from a Chemsis, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb background, there’s a reason it got named after the popular adhesive: stickiness from mega trichome-cover had this morsel nearly dripping. We couldn’t help but note how scrumptious the bud appeared; the huge bulbous bracts and dark fiery hairs were sugar-coated as if dusted at a bakery and hand-trimmed to perfection.

Thankfully, sweetness paired strangely well with the stench of glue, which permeated the bud, but not in a bad way. The aroma filled the…

Green Crack from Kind Meds

May 21, 2019

Forget any flags for political correctness, no one questions the justification for Green Crack’s name, christened by Snoop Dogg himself over two decades ago (according to legend). The flower is tour de force, if not a rite of passage for the average toker--many of us critics had a story to tell of the first time we acquired a satchel. Kind Meds definitely sets a high standard for the bud, which is already known for its full-body, full-heady soaring.

Our sample nuggets were soft, “very Skunk #1-ish” in shape, and boasted a vivid cascade of greens to dark blue, technicolor against…

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