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Ogeez Raspberry Orange 1:1 CBD/THC Gummies and Ogeez Vegan Brownie from Copia

February 22, 2020

Though well-distributed and popular throughout the state, Copia still keeps the appeal and homemade touch reminiscent of an artisan village candy shoppe, complete with style that makes each confection look bigger and better than the norm. It’s a routine specialty for one of Arizona’s most famous cannabis kitchens, one known for freshness, as batches are scratch-made per order and fully-infused with the purest distillate oil, for the ultimate health-conscious higher-consciousness. 

   Even with several options for all types of consumers, we were pleased to find out about their newest products, now on the shelves:

   First, the Vegan Brownie. As makers of…

Sunset Sherbert x High Octane from La Bodega

February 22, 2020

The cross of Sunset Sherbert and High Octane creates an effect not unlike freeze-framing a race on the strip--then proceeding in slow motion, processing the sights whizzing by--as the speedy Lemon Thai and psychedelic Chemdawg of High Octane enhance the up-and-down unwinding of another GSC (aka Girl Scout Cookies) descendant. Our sample crop--from long-time friends at La Bodega--was in finely-cured form and pleasantly stank up the entire house. 

   The jar was full of plump buds with trichomes “as far as the eye can see,” almost slate purple in color at arm’s length, under closer inspection revealing fiery hairs and hidden…

Chem Brulee from Three Rivers

February 22, 2020

You're going to want to order the Chem Brulee. Named for rich custard, this melange of fantastic staple strains Platinum Kush, OG Kush and GSC (aka Girl Scout Cookies) is exactly the decadent cannabis dessert it sounds like. With heavy couch lock, cheesy-hash taste, and refreshing release, it's the exotic stress reliever most of us seek but never quite find. 

   The nugs were girthy and dense, not dry, not wet -- but cured to perfection with unforgettable cloak of resin. Her aroma was earthy, with pungent cheese undertones and spicy musk that exploded like the smell of fresh, "oozing spruce…

Slurricane from Doctor's Orders

February 22, 2020

Growing in popularity these days is the very stony Slurricane, the spurious offspring of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch that can fiercely put you in your place. Sometimes you just need to get four straight hours of medicated bliss from your joint, and this is the flower to do it. Our selection, provided by Doctor’s Orders, fit the mold well, not only in its relaxing pain relief but in flavor, potency, and sheer size. 

   The nugs were gigantic, bright with splotches of purple, and groomed like well-trimmed shrubs. “Glistening like fresh snowfall" with fiery hairs “out of control,” critics were taken…

Gorilla Glue #4 x Do-Si-Dos from AOM

February 22, 2020

Frankly, the combination of the resinous, sticky Gorilla Glue with anything --especially the mega-sedating Do-Si-Do--is a recipe for a couch-bound trip through time. Like a frosted cookie, you’ll come to know this cross by its strong indica effects and spicy flavor putting you at ease--if not, into a total trance--all with a delirious smile pasted on your face. If you’ve been lately been asking, “how ‘bout we take the day off?” then this hybrid is the Cameron Frye to your Ferris Bueller. 

   Our sample from AOM was expertly-grown. She was a spongy “salad of mixed greens” with thick orange hairs…

Punch Breath from Epic Remedy

February 22, 2020

There are simple breeds and crosses in this world--and then there’s strains like Punch Breath, whose place on the cannabis family tree is way up at the top where so many other branches converge. Given how widely the plant can vary, we were excited to find an unwieldy Punch Breath harvest nearby at The Epic Remedy. Sure, it might conjure long periods of amused staring -- but can literally decimate any type of pain, and keep it at bay for hours.

   Green like a “1970s shag carpet” our sample nuggets were tight and tidy, covered in feather-like wisps of cinnamon-colored…

Garlicane from Oasis/AZ Nectar

November 22, 2019

A name can mean everything or nothing about a strain, which got us deeply pondering when this huge sample nug came our way from Oasis in Phoenix. As a moniker, “Garlicane” is so specific that we just had to see how well it lived up to its name. And live, it did. An amalgamation of GMO Cookies and Slurricane, this mutant is essentially an immense variety of hybrids and landraces squeezed into a complex lineage, all coming together in a well-rounded but heavy indica that satisfies both ends of the spectrum. 

   The selection resembled Wonderland-grown cloves. The nugs were pleasantly…

Punch Breath from La Bodega

November 22, 2019

Punch Breath takes the concept of the purple flower to the next level, thanks to a complex lineage that delivers bits and pieces from all over the globe. The essence not just typical berry, but carries a sugary-tartness, with spicy vanilla musk. It’s not just purple, but wears glimmering shades from pink to blue. It’s not just a narcotic indica stone, but one that carries with it all the far-out weirdness you’d want from a balanced hybrid. It’s just...better. 

   Our shimmering nugs from La Bodega were solid and spongy, with a whole technicolor assortment of frosty hues like a handful…

Sizzurp from Doctor's Orders

November 22, 2019

Sometimes you need an indica that won’t immediately subdue you into oblivion - why not get the functionality you need while your pain relief is in full swing! One flower that makes that work is Sizzurp, a connoisseur’s strain that combines the joyful euphoria of GSC child Cookies and Cream with the Bubba Kush-derived Spirit in the Sky, all tied together in a fruity, spastic yet relaxed melange. We received our sample from Doctor's Orders and excitedly sat down late afternoon, with to-do list in hand.

   The jar bubbled with a fruity essence that filled the room like a freshly…

Ecto Cooler from Three Rivers

November 22, 2019

You know that feeling where you “think” you’re flying through life during a stone, and don’t realize you’re still cruising over in the slow lane? That’s a good way to describe the funky indica Ecto Cooler, a strain as cool as it sounds, with a heavy-hitting high that zaps the pain away all day long. It comes from parents East Coast Panama Chunk -- a strain that gets you through that long day without burnout -- and TK Stardawg, another mood-boosting, uplifting soar of a high. 

   Our bouquet from Three Rivers was dazzling. The buds were bushy and tight, holidazzling…

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