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SkyWalker OG from Sinsemilla Gardens

October 14, 2015

No other strain quells the Dark Side quite like Sky Walker. This flavorful indica-dominant hybrid was originally conceived by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion Seeds to mix the sweet flavor of Blueberry with the high-yielding genetics of Mazar into one powerful strain. So we were floored to try a sample from an operation that has perfected OG phenotypes over the years, Sinsemilla Gardens (both stores formerly known as High Country Healing in Colorado Springs).

  Light and fluffy at first, the crystal-covered nugget easily retained shape and size when squeezed, full of glittering frenzy of crystals inside. The bright green hues forced the…

Bubba Kush from Chronic Therapy

October 14, 2015

  Bubba Kush is one of those timeless indicas that dazzles the senses. It can be traced back to the same Hindu Kush lineage that originally emerged from the mountains in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Appropriate for the season, our nugget selection from Chronic Therapy was dense and gorgeous upon inspection, like miniature Christmas trees packed full of snow.

  First impressions were gloriously floral, erupting with sugar as we broke apart the bud. We half-expected to see a candied blueberry underneath the thick pistils and glittery trichomes. With a grind, the unmistakable scent of grapefruit and Fruity Pebbles saturated the air…

Sour Cookies Solventless Hash from Colorado Extract Co.

October 13, 2015

For those who know the thrill (and sometimes disappointment) of trying something new, the gamble is only heightened at a cannabis store. That’s why it’s nice to find gems like CEC’s SHO (Solvlentless Hash Oil)--a pale, beautiful concoction that stands out on the shelf. This one combines Sour Amnesia and Sin Min Cookies, hand-mixed and microplaned to ensure amazing moisture balance and overall cleanliness.

  That perfection was evident from the start: Our sample crumbled like a fine pastry (“snickerdoodle”) so fresh and clean, like “a bar of ivory soap, and jar of wax, had a kid.” The cure and dry…

Super Lemon Haze from Medibis

October 13, 2015

It used to be that Super Lemon Haze was so common that you could expect to see it on the shelf no matter the dispensary. The market has diversified to an extent, but there’s a reason that this veteran strain hung on for so long as a staple standard, and still holds that label in parts of the country. When grown correctly, it makes for the perfect daytime go-to. But with such widespread availability, it’s best to buy from an outfit that knows and maintains the strain especially well.

  One great source for the SLH is Medibis in Colorado Springs…

Venom Wax from Venom Concentrates

October 13, 2015

Rarely does the sight of a concentrate invoke the feeling of velvet, and it was not until we began to scrape the delicate live resin crumble that we realized the depth of perfection from our Mind Body Spirit specimen made by Venom Concentrates; it was the work of an expert. Like freshly-caramelized butter, glistening and soft, the sample was scraped from its paper surface with not a crumb left behind. It was almost viscous, one of the smoothest we’ve seen for a long time, like velvet.

  This flagship masterpiece featured the unpredictable Venom OG strain, an indica-dominant mix of Poison…

Hells OG from Caregivers for Life

July 15, 2015

With all the variations of OG Kush, finding a dependable favorite can be like trying to pick the best Sauvignon Blanc with little to go on other than myth. Hells OG, or Hells Angel OG, is a modulation of OG Kush, using Blackberry, a melange of Afghani, Hawaiian and Nepalese roots. How it earned its moniker is similarly lost in legend (other than every speculator’s theory about the motorcycle gang). No matter background or origin, the hybrid is a great bucket list strain for any Cadet looking to try something new.

  Our sample--from Caregivers for Life--was a beautiful, chunky burly…

Skunk Banner Shatter from Chronic Therapy

July 15, 2015

The aptly-named Skunk Banner hybrid combines the high-energy buzz of Skunk #1 with the low-key euphoria of Bruce Banner, to find a happy medium in terms of drive and functionality. But what better way to become acquainted, than through concentrate?

  Our sample specimen from Chronic Therapy was an amber shatter, although at just below room temperature, snapped cleanly and easily, no shards or losses. It was also malleable and easy to handle, even in a quick pinch when you only have a second to snap off a chunk. Her sour taste was heavy and alluring even as we opened the…

Blue Dream from Canna Meds

July 15, 2015

One of Blue Dream’s signature effects is that it combines the euphoric, laid-back mood of blueberry, and the energy and attentiveness of genuine Haze. The harvest from Canna Meds certainly appeared ready to deliver those effects, with fruity, bright green nuggetry of burly girth. The bud itself was almost crystalline, a “solid green diamond” that “glittered all the way to the stem.” Critics noted a multitude of tastes and aromas, including blossoms, floral perfume, chem, and sweet tarts.

  The first 30 seconds brought on a squinty-eyed mayhem full of voices and noises and blurred visions. The fanfare was almost too…

Black Label CannaCones from Altitude Organic Medicine

April 9, 2015

So many dispensaries now package their own cones or joints, but few have gone to the work of producing a product that actually discourages you from rolling your own. Leave it to quality-based  Altitude Organic Medicine to put forth such a line: the wholesaleable Black Label takes their regular ground-nugget Canna Cones to a new level with Colorado Gold, their branded solvent-free organic hash. As the brand slogan accurately suggests, “Anything else is just a joint.”

Our sample pack had a nug base of Dr. Who. Fresh aromas exploded from the box, a mixture of citrus and organic tart of…

Rxtraction from Dr. J's

April 9, 2015

The nice thing about Dr J’s syringes of CO2 Cannabis Oil--other than their overall simplicity and sleek design -- was that the crisp, amber-colored liquid therein did not clog, but was still semi-stable enough to put on a dabber without leakage. One critic compared the oil to “illuminated honey” as it flowed from the vial; like the flashy package it came from, the syringe was a beautiful demonstration in the merging of science and alchemy.

 RXtraction comes Indica, Sativa and Hybrid-specific, and we tried the indica version. Our first hit immediately sent us swinging through the jungle like a…

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