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Alien OG Kush w/ SHO in PALM CONE from AOM

July 18, 2019

It’s been a little while since we saw any Alien mutants through these parts; the once-common Chemdawg derivative is now fairly rare (save a couple of “sightings” here and there). But one variation, Alien OG Kush is a permanent fixture at AOM, and we recently got to sample the harvest in an SHO Palm Cone (rolled with bubble hash), ultimately boosting our experience tenfold. Let’s just say, it made a good summer afternoon great.

A savvy alternative to your typical cannagar, these leaf-wrapped cones are available in a bunch of other strains, all with organic flower, and each concentrate extracted…

Gorilla Glue #4 from Oasis

May 21, 2019

Gorilla Glue #4 is a potent hybrid worth the trip to Oasis, especially if you’re into crystals. Heralding from a Chemsis, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb background, there’s a reason it got named after the popular adhesive: stickiness from mega trichome-cover had this morsel nearly dripping. We couldn’t help but note how scrumptious the bud appeared; the huge bulbous bracts and dark fiery hairs were sugar-coated as if dusted at a bakery and hand-trimmed to perfection.

Thankfully, sweetness paired strangely well with the stench of glue, which permeated the bud, but not in a bad way. The aroma filled the…

Green Crack from Kind Meds

May 21, 2019

Forget any flags for political correctness, no one questions the justification for Green Crack’s name, christened by Snoop Dogg himself over two decades ago (according to legend). The flower is tour de force, if not a rite of passage for the average toker--many of us critics had a story to tell of the first time we acquired a satchel. Kind Meds definitely sets a high standard for the bud, which is already known for its full-body, full-heady soaring.

Our sample nuggets were soft, “very Skunk #1-ish” in shape, and boasted a vivid cascade of greens to dark blue, technicolor against…

Sundae Driver #10 from Quality Choice

May 21, 2019

  Sundae Driver #10 is a suitable name for this hybrid, a double entendre that conjures both a lackadaisical traveler, and the ice-cream sundae-like creaminess of its flavor. The combination of parents Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles OG makes for a strain you can bring to a light breakfast wake ‘n bake, or, enjoy as evening “dessert strain.” Either way, you’re not going anywhere quick.

  Quality Choice graciously supplied us with flower; the huge, spongy nuggets looked almost painted blue and gray in mysterious shades dotting a sugary landscape. They were “the kind of the  bud to impress your out-of-state friends,”…

Headstash from Epic Remedy

May 21, 2019

GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) is so common in stores that it’s always refreshing to try a new take. The Colorado-inspired Headstash combines that popular strain with Cherrie Pie and KarmaRado OG--both state creations--as well as Biker Kush. An indica with crazy mental magnitude, our first crack at this super-rare specimen came just in time for 4/20, with a beautiful nugget from Epic Remedy.

The morsels were chunky and spongy, perfectly cured and neatly trimmed right down the bud. They broke apart very nicely, without crumbling to dust. Her aroma was complex and ranged from sweet lemon-pine to musky dark…

Lucinda Williams from 3 Rivers

May 21, 2019

Nowadays, Lucinda Williams may be more infamous than its parent, Willy’s Wonder (a “signature” Willy Nelson). She packs a pair of wallops, on both ends of the spectrum, with characteristics from a sativa Cinderella 99 lineage too. The result is a social, easy-going hybrid, perfect for making close connections with those around you, whilst meandering a lazy river that only slows over time.

We were jazzed to try a sample from Three Rivers. The nugs were sticky and covered in trichs, but perfectly groomed and brilliant like a “putting green.” Floral and tart, her tropical sour smell--reminiscent of sun-dried mango…

Lava Cake from Aeriz/Oasis

May 21, 2019

  You can’t truly enjoy the indica-dominant Lava Cake without dwelling on dessert. The “flavors” of parent strains Grape Pie and Thin Mint Cookies present an almost obvious question: what would those two baked goodies taste like combined? At least, in bud form, the hybrid lives up its moniker, both in palate and stunning imitations of its parents. We were thrilled to sample a version of the flower from the expert aeroponic growers of Aeriz - available now on shelves at Oasis Dispensaries.

  Curiously, the dense buds did resemble volcanic rock, with dark purple splotches contrasting otherwise brilliant green morsels. As…

Wedding Cake from Quality Choice

May 21, 2019

It’s wedding season! And by no coincidence, the popular Wedding Cake strain is everywhere. Like the real thing, it can be hard to find a memorable version; at the end of the reception, you expect to be served the same lovely-but-blaise cake as always, but what you want is a breathtaking, technicolor delicacy that forces you to hunt down an extra piece. That, friends, is the thrill of and procuring the expertly-grown, crystal-covered morsels of the strain from Quality Choice, worth returning for time and time again.

The buds were well-cured, a little fluffy, but plump and structurally perfect. The lime…

Star Dawg from Epic Remedy

May 21, 2019

Beneath a mess of Chemdog crosses, Stardawg hides a lineage from South and Southeast Asia, representing the mountain and jungle landraces from some of the planet’s most potent and resinous flowers. Our sample from Epic Remedy was musky and sweet and delivered the kind of mind-boggling, float-as-you-run hybrid that gives you mountaintop clarity and loose, nimble energy.

The buds were pleasantly beefy, dense with fluffy but well-trimmed exteriors. A super-sandy coat of trichomes covered the bright neon canvas, with a wooly, rust-colored beard of hairs bestrewn amongst the leaves. A woody spice of pine filled the room as we cracked…

Purple Punch SHO Sauce from AOM

May 21, 2019

You don’t see a lot of Grandaddy Purp these days--and man, do we miss that Bubblicious grape flavor. So we were extra-excited to try SHO Rosin Sauce from Purple Punch--a GP cross with Larry OG--by Colorado Extract Company (CEC), using Altitude Organic Medicine’s flower. Call it a double-treat: CEC’s solventless hash oil has consistently been some of the purest around town--and we love AOM’s Purple Punch because it tastes like Boo Berry cereal (no lie).

The sauce looked similar to golden-light brown sugar sitting in shallow water, but all stuck together pleasantly, not soupy at all. As she returned to…

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