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Wedding Cake from Quality Choice

May 21, 2019

It’s wedding season! And by no coincidence, the popular Wedding Cake strain is everywhere. Like the real thing, it can be hard to find a memorable version; at the end of the reception, you expect to be served the same lovely-but-blaise cake as always, but what you want is a breathtaking, technicolor delicacy that forces you to hunt down an extra piece. That, friends, is the thrill of and procuring the expertly-grown, crystal-covered morsels of the strain from Quality Choice, worth returning for time and time again.

The buds were well-cured, a little fluffy, but plump and structurally perfect. The lime…

Star Dawg from Epic Remedy

May 21, 2019

Beneath a mess of Chemdog crosses, Stardawg hides a lineage from South and Southeast Asia, representing the mountain and jungle landraces from some of the planet’s most potent and resinous flowers. Our sample from Epic Remedy was musky and sweet and delivered the kind of mind-boggling, float-as-you-run hybrid that gives you mountaintop clarity and loose, nimble energy.

The buds were pleasantly beefy, dense with fluffy but well-trimmed exteriors. A super-sandy coat of trichomes covered the bright neon canvas, with a wooly, rust-colored beard of hairs bestrewn amongst the leaves. A woody spice of pine filled the room as we cracked…

Purple Punch SHO Sauce from AOM

May 21, 2019

You don’t see a lot of Grandaddy Purp these days--and man, do we miss that Bubblicious grape flavor. So we were extra-excited to try SHO Rosin Sauce from Purple Punch--a GP cross with Larry OG--by Colorado Extract Company (CEC), using Altitude Organic Medicine’s flower. Call it a double-treat: CEC’s solventless hash oil has consistently been some of the purest around town--and we love AOM’s Purple Punch because it tastes like Boo Berry cereal (no lie).

The sauce looked similar to golden-light brown sugar sitting in shallow water, but all stuck together pleasantly, not soupy at all. As she returned to…

Sour Tangie from Three Rivers

May 21, 2019

Sour Tangie is everything psychedelic you’d expect from a cross of sativas Sour Diesel and Tangie. It’s a party in a box--flying confetti, lights and balloons combined; it delivers bombastic stimulus overload for a high-octane hour, followed by a half-day of remnants and aftershocks. Some would think we’re speaking in hyperbole, but not when you’re talking about the harvest at Three Rivers Organics.

Our sample nuggets were beautiful and solid, adorned in crystal and gnarly like mutants. They wore a full spectrum of hues from dark marine to bright gold, and patches of gnarly, ginger hair. The Ruby Red aroma…

Papaya CO2 Oil from Colorado Cannabis Company

May 11, 2016

When it comes to perfecting the difficult process of CO2 extraction, there are only a few ways to do it right, and many ways to get it wrong. With their tongue-stunning Papaya CO2 extract, it's safe to say that Colorado Cannabis Company has perfected the method.

This sample came from Pure Marijuana Dispensary, and a golden oil flowed brilliantly from the syringe like dripping honeycomb in summer. The viscosity was far less than other CO2 extracts we've sampled; this is as close to pure THC oil as you can get. True to its name, Papaya’s sweet aroma of golden syrup…

Purple Lemon Skunk from La Bodega

May 11, 2016

Never have we been disappointed by La Bodega’s specialty strains or friendly service, and their Purple Lemon Skunk has raised the bar for top-shelf product. This family-owned business puts a lot of pride and care into their plants, and the attention to detail is unmistakable. Boasting gigantic sugary buds, the P.L. Skunk is one of the most superb visual examples of growing-done-right.

The nug’s brilliant dark green hues and lime undertones were almost overshadowed by  pockets of imperial violet foliage decorating the dazzling morsels. Her impressive looks were heightened by wiry orange hairs cross-weaving a thick coat of trichomes. Even…

Wifi Alien from Chronic Therapy

May 11, 2016

Meet Wifi Alien, also known as Wildfire Alien or as our critics like to call it: “Oliver Twist.” This fierce indica hybrid from Colorado’s own Chronic Therapy will blast you off into space and leave you begging “Please sir, I’d like some more.”

Our sample selection donned a fine crystalline coat of giant trichomes sparkling like diamonds, amidst a sea of cinnamon-red pistils, all with a refreshing scent of sugar-coated lemon zest. We could just as easily have packed without a grind, but it is highly recommended for the kief fallout alone. Packing a bowl felt like digging through sand…

Bubba Tang from The Spot

May 11, 2016

The Spot sent over a true beauty, Bubba Tango, part of a never-ending arsenal of heavy-hitters. The potent aroma of this Bubba Kush and Tango hybrid overpowered the sinuses immediately, and the sandy mess of trichomes did little to hide splotches of purple and orange pistils. Her delicious aroma was that of Juicy Fruit, topped with brisk pine. With the first spark, mango surfaced, infused with subtle organic undertones.

Our selection of crept, and crept, and did not stop creeping, until total cerebral impairment was upon us -- completely changing our plans for the afternoon. With slight surprise, we were…

Granddaddy Purp from Elevations

May 11, 2016

A cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, Grandaddy Purple is a well-known indica your grandfather would approve of. Elevations' selection was even dressed in a viscous earthy essence reminiscent of Sunday brunch with the grandparents. Its dense, frosted foliage intricately covered the flower with clusters of purple, amidst traces of neon green and orange hairs. A sharp, grapefruit aroma further allured the senses and beckoned a grind.  

Slow waves flowed over the body. A gentle invisible hat manifested after about five minutes, providing a steady tingling behind the eyes. The calm and relaxation offered just enough motivation to…

Tangerine Chem from Colorado BestBudz

May 11, 2016

Colorado Best Budz's Tangerine Chem delivers a moderately strong high with mild mental stimulation. As to be expected with any strain crossed with Chemdog, she produces heavy euphoric effects felt throughout the entire body, and its first name promotes its tangy scent. Zoning-out after a day of activity has never felt so good.

  Cracking the bud was like peeling a Clementine, matched with aromas of pungent sugar and botanical blossoms. The buds were shamrock green with bright orange clusters and trichome-speckled hairs. The smoke was luscious and smooth, with a hint of cloves, and a spicy gumdrop aftertaste.

  The first…

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