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Sweet Tooth from Red Eye Releaf

January 17, 2015

An exotic melange of worldy tastes, Sweet Tooth combines the Afghan desert, Nepali highlands and Hawaiian tropics to produce an unforgettable, award winning-hybrid and suitable staple in any strain repertoire. She last won the High Times Cup just after the turn of the millenium, but still stays a dependable favorite on the market--with notable quality coming from Red Eye Relief.

  Our sample was bearded in red, crystal-covered and meaty but not leafy. Her aroma was a mixture boysenberry and citrus, with bud’s signature attribute of sugary perfume. Smoked, the taste was more floral, pine, slightly earthy “but not dirty--more alive…

Chai High Tea from Keen Greens

January 17, 2015

Never in our history of reviewing edibles have we felt compelled to invoke the White Rabbit in any reviews - but that changed when Chai High Iced Tea came to town. Even those who avoid iced tea will want to try this one, if not for the delusional and utterly fantastic experience. No other “extreme” version of any Colorado beverage has the both mega-cannabinoids (~317 total mg in this case) and such actual punch. It might not conjure dreams of talking caterpillars or flamingo croquet, but that all depends on how much you drink.

  The combination, palate-wise, was a sort…

Grand Fire OG Kush from Buddy Boy (All Locations)

November 2, 2014

With a name that suggests a climax or finale, Grand Fire OG is an OG Kush variety specifically bred for potency, and a distinguished bushy red beard; both characteristics contribute to the name. Our specimen came from Buddy Boy, true to traditional appearance: she was a redhead, covered in clusters of hair across her dark and condensed buds. The firmly-stacked calyxs broke apart easily, releasing a light, berry and botanical aroma. When ground, and smoked, she revealed notes of citrus and mint, pleasurable but not overpowering.
   The initial buzz was subdued, but creeping tides overtook us like giant undertow…

Birthday Cake Kush from Fox Street Wellness

November 2, 2014

Imagine if you got a helping of Birthday Cake Kush every year instead of an actual cake? Most cadets would call it a fair trade, especially if the indica comes fully cured, reeking of fresh-baked cake, with an emphasis on frosting.
   Our sample from Fox Street definitely delivered both in aroma and taste. The bud was tightly grown, neon green and frosty with tiny orange hairs like fiery stubble. When ground, sweet and creamy notes filled the room, reminiscent of a bakery (some smelled “donuts,” others, “cinnamon rolls,” in addition to pastries).
   The first hit was “not overbearing…

Tangerine Haze from Medibis

November 2, 2014

There’s no better day-time strain than Haze, the quintessential Sativa, known for its uplifting spirit and lilt of tropical citrus. With the distinctly-bred “Tangerine” version, you know that aroma and taste will satisfy, and our sample from Medibis did just that. The bud, although a little feathery (typical of haze) was still dense, perfectly cured, not too wet or dry.
   Right out of the bag the aroma exploded. Immediately we were hit with the organic orange-tangerine aroma, like fresh-squeezed juice. Ground, a spicy, earthy musk was released, but skunky in a good way. “The terps were strong with this…

Orange Sour Dubb Shatter from The Lazy Lion

November 2, 2014

The Lazy Lion became a last-minute location for this year’s “Secret Cup,” so we stopped by to check out some of the club’s Orange Sour Dub shatter, an amber-honey delicacy worth acquainting yourself with. The sample was amber-honey in hue and super stable - so stable that it would shatter across the room if not careful. Her aroma was nonchalant--lightly floral, even spicy sage tones also revealed a tart cream aftertaste.
   Most of us only required one dab but the adventurous went for two. Either way, The immediate pulverization was unexpected but enjoyable. “Respect the strength,” wrote one reviewer…

SFV OG Kush Shatter from Sean Tron

November 2, 2014

From Sean Tron
Winner of the 2014 710 Cup

Sean Tron, a local hash-maker, claimed the title of this year’s 710 Cup, with his Pre-Jilly made from trim from The Health Center. We were fortunate enough to try some of Sean’s San Fernando Valley OG Kush shatter, which he aims to launch as a flagship selection from Craft Concentrates, his new company. After sampling his talent first-hand, we can’t wait to see what other concentrates or infused products he has up his sleeve.
   She arrived sticky and malleable, with full stretch and snap when broken. The see-through, glossy amber…

Golden Goat from Mile High Dispensary

July 22, 2014

Golden Goat came riding in a flash of light, and our reunion was bittersweet. Always a favorite around the office, the strain hits most of the high watermarks for good bud: taste (with good cure) is sugary with an aroma of mountain dew sitting in the sun, and the high, sped along and unleashed upon the world in electrified stupidity. The sativa-dominant experience is not a frantic or paranoid madness, but rather empowering, even like a jolt of coffee for those burning the midnight oil.
   Her profile was spot-on: the characteristics of both Hawaiian-Romulan and Sweet Skunk parents emerged…

Purple Kush from RedEye Releaf

July 22, 2014

You won’t get a more Afghani-bred strain than Purple Kush, the 100% Indica cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Our sample from RedEye Releaf came in fluffy but dense, perfectly cured, and perfectly cut, with golden THC cover. Grind and spark unleashed the odors of black currant and taste of plantains (with a hint of spice).
   The first hit struck right between the eyes. It was heavy, immediately, starting in the jaw, back to the brainstem, and then down to upper back and legs. More waves would come. She was an indica creeper indeed, but not with problematic…

Pineapple-Sage Shatter

July 22, 2014

Not all concentrates get the celebrity treatment at CannaCritiques, but there was no way we could pass on a local version of Pineapple Sage shatter we recently tried. The medley pairs a Sativa/Afghani “Equilibrium” with a descendent of Ed Rosenthal’s original Super Bud seeds, integrating Afghani, Hindu Kush, Mexico, Thailand, and Africa; essentially, a world-traveler. Her aroma was dark and sweet, but no pina colada. The crumble came with near-perfect stickiness, and she was bittersweet on the lips.
   The first dab was a humdinger, more than enough for even a Colorado native. It left us gasping for normalcy, with…

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