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Gorilla Glue #4 Rosin from Altitude Organic Medicine

February 6, 2016

If you’ve ever wandered aimlessly through a dispensary, unsure of what savvy new delicacy to sample, it pays big to think outside the box. Gorilla Glue #4 Rosin from Altitude Organic Medicine (AOM) is one of those prime examples. With the potent genetics of Chemsis, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb, this award-winning favorite just got a verdant makeover by AOM’s solventless experts.

Our sample came to us with the appearance of a luxurious boutique-made soap, pungently peppery, and sticky as the actual adhesive. With a pleasantly surprising simplicity, the viscosity made for a nice dab; very little was left on…

Grapefruit Crush from Sinsemilla Gardens

February 6, 2016

A hearty serving of Grapefruit Crush is just the fruity boost a discerning cannabis enthusiast needs for breakfast. This potent sativa from Sinsemilla Gardens combines the uplifting and energetic effects of a mild sugar rush, yet somehow keeps you calm and focused enough to get through the day without looking like a clumsy sidewalk philosopher.

  Our sample nugget was covered in bright orange pistils like a fiery orangutan. As we broke up the bud, a massive trichome trove unfolded in surprise splendor. It wasn’t until the initial grind that the trademark sweet citrus and grapefruit fully unlocked in the air…

Elephant from Colorado BestBudz

February 6, 2016

Elephant is truly a beast of a bud from Colorado BestBudz that will take you on a mellow ride through the trichome jungle. This stunning indica showcased trademark eggplant-colored leafage and bronze pistils, both weaved nonchalantly throughout a dense nuggetry. The sugary specimen filled the room with an unmistakable scent of sweet berries and grapefruit.

With a slow squeeze, the super sticky sponge-like buds adhered to our fingers and easily conformed to any shape we pressed into them. Once broken apart, the scent transformed into steely accents of pine; “if changed my impression dramatically,” said one critic, “and put me…

Critical Mass from Mr. Nice Guys

February 6, 2016


 To call Critical Mass a hybrid may seem like a technical misnomer--after all, it is the refined combination of two recognized staples, Afghani and Skunk #1. Yet her stone careens from both extremes, from head to body, and is worth picking up if even just to grab some of the biggest nuggets on the shelf.

  Our selection from Mr. Nice Guys was as “Big Bud” as the strain’s old moniker suggested. She was dark and burly, with a firecracker appearance, sparkling in crystal and hiding purple undertones. A beautiful, floral aroma followed her from the container, sugary and brisk…

Amnesia Haze from Artisanal Medicinal

February 6, 2016

Amnesia Haze has been a top potency contender for well over a decade now, drawing upon a cross-world pedigree of Afghani, Hawaiian, Laotian and Jamaican land-races for the ultimate cerebral demolition. It’s the kind of bud that probably inspired “Flower Power” of the sixties, yet even the hippies would have been dumbfounded by the bedazzling high.

  From the get go, our sample from Artisanal Medicinal was a confectioner's dream, overladen in sweetness like candy, the cream of Haze dressed with bubblegum aromas and a slight taste of strawberry in the smoke. The same classy essence stuck to the fingers as…

Sour Maui from La Bodega at Buddies Wellness

February 6, 2016

Sour Maui conjures the image of sweet treats on sandy beaches, a sunny refuge from winter’s frost. The sativa-dominant hybrid combines the creative energy of Maui Waui with the relaxing pain-relief of Sour Diesel for a potent mixed cocktail of effects.

  Our selection from La Bodega certainly delivered that tropical punch. The bright nugs were aromatic like a fruit stand, and sprinkled with a peach fuzz of hairs and generous dusting of trichomes. When ground, the pungent scent of sweet citrus filled the room, erupting like fresh-squeezed grapefruit.

  With the first exhale, the power of Sour D hit behind the…

Gorilla Glue from CannaMeds

October 14, 2015

Layered in beautiful hues of bright green and dark orange hairs, Gorilla Glue provokes mental imagery of mist rising from the mountain jungle. As an avid cup-winner, this potent hybrid is thought to be the offspring of Chemsis, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb. An examination of our specimen from Canna Meds, certainly made obvious how and why it earned such a moniker: the large, super-sticky trichomes absolutely saturated the bright green leaves and left our fingers stickier than a chameleon’s tongue.

  Upon the initial grind, the piney aroma gave rise to powerful accents of sweet citrus as the bud burst…

Grape Ape from Altitude Organic Medicine

October 14, 2015

Some Cadets will come out of the woodwork, traveling long distances--just to grab a handful of dependable, connoisseur’s Grape Ape. There are a lot of imitators, and amateur growers that can affectionately refer to any purple indica as such. But the genuine phenotype has just the right combination of elements to create a cult following: taste, experience, and of course, that branded purple sheen.

  Altitude Organic Medicine--who is soon to open their first recreational outlet in Dillon--is rapidly emerging as a premiere cannabis brand in Colorado. The quality of their organic process was evident in the flower: it left us…

SkyWalker OG from Sinsemilla Gardens

October 14, 2015

No other strain quells the Dark Side quite like Sky Walker. This flavorful indica-dominant hybrid was originally conceived by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion Seeds to mix the sweet flavor of Blueberry with the high-yielding genetics of Mazar into one powerful strain. So we were floored to try a sample from an operation that has perfected OG phenotypes over the years, Sinsemilla Gardens (both stores formerly known as High Country Healing in Colorado Springs).

  Light and fluffy at first, the crystal-covered nugget easily retained shape and size when squeezed, full of glittering frenzy of crystals inside. The bright green hues forced the…

Bubba Kush from Chronic Therapy

October 14, 2015

  Bubba Kush is one of those timeless indicas that dazzles the senses. It can be traced back to the same Hindu Kush lineage that originally emerged from the mountains in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Appropriate for the season, our nugget selection from Chronic Therapy was dense and gorgeous upon inspection, like miniature Christmas trees packed full of snow.

  First impressions were gloriously floral, erupting with sugar as we broke apart the bud. We half-expected to see a candied blueberry underneath the thick pistils and glittery trichomes. With a grind, the unmistakable scent of grapefruit and Fruity Pebbles saturated the air…

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