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Durban Poison from Platte Valley

December 15, 2013

A round of Durban Poison wax (from Platte Valley’s “Wax Room”) arrived in the office this week, looking like the glazed back-side of a lemon bar. But even our seasoned critics weren’t prepared for the experience: it was extreme. Possibly the best thing we at Cannapages have ever reviewed, and we knew it immediately. A few of us saw visuals, color-wise. “Pixelated distortion” one described it, “with some shape-shifting.” The other senses enhanced in suite. Pulsing waves grew for the first ten minutes, rocketing us to new levels of the stratosphere. Some of us became unable to express ourselves in…

Pandora's Box from New Options Wellness

December 15, 2013

   Pandora’s Box was so named for spectacle of terror unleashed upon the world when an innocent woman became curious…the analogy could be aptly applied to a cannabis flower, starting with the large jar, or even referencing its contents. But the important part of the legend, is that the evils were irreversible. While it can’t last forever, the strain, P.B., is known for its drawn out, full-body experience, much like the unleashed evils according to legend.

    Our local specimen, from New Options, carried a nutty, diesel aroma, masked by a sweet pearberry. Her rustic hairs seemed a prelude to…

Blurple from Beyond Broadway (Broadway Wellness Group)

December 15, 2013

Strain: Blurple

Potency: 16.15% Total Cannabinoids

When Blurple made Kush Magazine’s December centerfold last year, the designers depicted a barrage of flying purple elephants and dolphin-rockets fan-faring a lounging fairy upon the crescent moon. It suggested a psychedelia reaching far beyond the conventional Purple family tree, and so, the Critics had to sample it. Good thing it’s available at the four Beyond Broadway locations, and at a very good price.

 Blurple came dressed in a bluish purple, a feathery bud of “early-90’s gray hypercolor,” in a crystal THC coat. Her aroma was overwhelmingly grape, with currants and tart berries. Hints…

Armageddon from Dank LLC

December 15, 2013

   No doubt most veteran connoisseurs will probably pack a bowl when they learn the world is about to end. A good candidate for such an occasion is Armageddon, a strain renowned for its floating relaxation. Quite appropriately, our sample from Dank LLC was immersed in dense, fiery orange hairs. The amber crystal cover was accompanied by an earthy, apple Jolly Rancher aroma, heavy and dark. When ground, its chem tones turned slightly to clove and rum spice.

    The smoking result was a brilliant and vibrant spectacle. Critics enjoyed a thunderous cerebral plunge, as if going under and then…

Triple Sour Diesel from Trenchtown Dispensary

December 15, 2013

Trenchtown dispensary recently launched, doing its best to transport us highlanders to the low-lying wellspring of Jamaican culture. And with the Wailers kicking off their latest tour just days ago in our neck of the woods, it seemed only appropriate to see if the local med selection lived up to the moniker. Our critics agreed: although we can’t issue a Jamaican Order of Merit, we certainly concede these growers deserve it.

   They proved it with their exquisitely aromatic Triple Sour Diesel. Its combination of Sour and NYC Diesels produced the expected Diesel-heavy notes with a slight citrus-chem of OG…

Querkle from AMCH (Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill)

December 15, 2013

   Querkle can be as rare a find as the strains from which it was bred: Purple Urkle and Space Dude (the “scientific” name for a Space Queen male used in selective breeding). Combining the succulent grape indica with Queen’s exotic, cerebral lineage, Querkle is a complex, sweet strain whose flavors can vary from harvest to harvest.

   Our latest sample came into the office quietly, but cracking the container was like popping open a pungent Cabernet. Its sandy light hairs and snow-white crystals covered a very enigmatic bud, aromatically-speaking. While critics agreed on sharp Romulan characteristics, they also noted…

Super Lemon Haze from The Green Solution

December 15, 2013

An exclusive Hollywood family can be like the glamorous marriage of acclaimed cannabis, especially when it carries the clout of actual cup-winners. Fans worldwide wait not only for the chance to sample the strain when it pops up locally–but they’re even more excited to see the offspring’s accomplishments and beauty, traits from such refined and celebrated parents.

   Super Lemon Haze is a classic cup strain, a child of two winners: Super Silver Haze, an analogousLloyd Bridges to Lemon Skunk’s Dorothy. Their offspring has been a successful bloomer, renowned and showered with honors for its narcotic durability and…

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