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June 25, 2018
San Francisco, CA

   Shamans, the intermediaries between the human and spirit worlds, were said to heal illnesses by mending the soul through a sort of religious ecstasy. So aptly named is the strain that bears the magical moniker, a strain known to harvest in violet hue 50% of the time, with narcotic prowess attributed to a First Generation Purple #1. Our own sample, which came from Summit Wellness, also possessed the a creamy apricot, with hints ranging from lilac and mint to curry. The bud wasn’t quite purple–but rather a technicolor array of pinks, reds, and oranges.

   Our particular specimen was also delivered with one of the best connoisseur cures we’ve seen–and certainly moreso than the majority of the High Times sativa category this year. It was the perfect combination of sticky and moist, while dry enough to grind–which was absolutely imperative; if the pungent aroma hadn’t filled the room completely, it did so when ground up, releasing a mouthwatering spicy skunk that lingered on the fingers and lips.

   The first hits, although locally stunning, crept throughout the body quickly. Buzzing originated in the forehead and lips and stretched powerfully on the left side of the body and back. Although a true one-hit wonder, we splurged and went all-out. We were wired. Not thunderstruck, but simply in a full-out body jangling. This grew with no plateau for another half-hour.

   Critics reported difficulty with memory recall, processing complex situations, and, in general, dumb mistakes. Creativity and productivity came in rare and unpredictable spurts–meaning this sativa would make a better “work” strain for manual labor, like landscaping or remodeling. Certainly for demolition.

Overall, Shaman was energizing but narcotic over the course of time. The stomach remained hollow near the end (some of us were light-headed for a brief time). Munchies were widespread, at least when medicated during the first half of the day. The stench was overpowering and impossible to hide. Amused and laid back, our delayed reaction-reflex was prevalent even until the end nearly three hours later, when we realized our souls had been healed.

Published on December 15, 2013
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