Skunk Banner Shatter from Chronic Therapy

Skunk Banner Shatter from Chronic Therapy

July 15, 2015

The aptly-named Skunk Banner hybrid combines the high-energy buzz of Skunk #1 with the low-key euphoria of Bruce Banner, to find a happy medium in terms of drive and functionality. But what better way to become acquainted, than through concentrate?

  Our sample specimen from Chronic Therapy was an amber shatter, although at just below room temperature, snapped cleanly and easily, no shards or losses. It was also malleable and easy to handle, even in a quick pinch when you only have a second to snap off a chunk. Her sour taste was heavy and alluring even as we opened the container; the puff revealed more of a skunk after-taste, creamy and lighter.

  She made for a clean and pleasant vape, so fresh and robust the taste, we had about 5 seconds to enjoy the mouthfeel before the wallop arrived--which smacked us on the back of the head, like a two-ton Front Loader. Critics collapsed as the “hit of epic proportions” coarsed steadily through the head, core, and arms. We stumbled naturally, not only from the tingling limbs, but from a new laziness that refused to walk.   

  A multitude of effects ensued. Exhilarating, uplifting waves lifted us with psychedelic amplitude. “It was very comprehensive,” one critic wrote later. “the “high made me strangely alert.” Totally talkative, during daylight, the high brought us out of our shells for some visceral interaction - even though we pretty much just walked down to the creek, our ambitions and visions were grander in spirit.

  The strain was also self-explorative, but in the sense that you could pump out a volume of shorts stories, maybe scat or freestyle on the city street, from the depths of metaphysical argument with yourself--all while appearing to others as fairly down to earth and normal.

  The fogginess stayed with us forever, even lasted overnight. It took over an hour to grow to its peak of being utterly blitzed, a plateau that lasted an entire afternoon. When used during the evening, critics noted the opposite effects and were ready for bed immediately. “If you have problems sleeping, all you’ll need is a little taste,” one reviewer pined. “In fact, no matter what time of day, that’s all you need.”