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April 25, 2018
San Francisco, CA

   A typical review of Skywalker OG might reference Lando Calrissian or the Pit of Carkoon, or even related strains like Deathstar and Biggs Darklighter. But the real analogous similarity could be that of an unlikely hero, hand-picked from obscurity to save the universe…or, at least, a version of that. This mish-mash of hybrids is an alien receipe for indica excellence, matching the Mazar/Blueberry mix of Skywalker with the Lemony-Hindu Chem of OG. Whether it conjures a messianic end of the dark-side–well, that depends on your dosage.

   Our latest sample came from Boulder Medical Marijuana Dispensary, tight and thick. The meaty calyxes were snow-frosted with nonchalant hairs hiding among them. She was crisp and fresh, with aromas of ginger, 7Up, and tart, chemical undertones. The first puff evoked whiplash as the nerves got their first shock. Calm and focus slowly eroded as the electricity circled ‘round the brain, then to the rest of the body.

   After a mellow five minutes, rhythmic waves of craziness arrived. And then they piled on. The body was riveted. The waves turned into shocking zaps throughout torso, then arms, and reached farther as time progressed. Across the board, unstoppable munchies raged, unyielding until about an hour and a half–when a tired, resonating descent began in the frontal lobe. The eyes were heavy and we lost momentum quickly from then on.

   For all of us, both social conversation skills, and confidence, shattered. Creativity came, but in the non-sober sense. Numbers, calculations, and intelligent tasks were impossible. We were inspired, namely, to avoid work. It was a great selection for sledding or an afternoon with the kite. She was an indica for immediate pain relief but not immediate sleep. Skywalker OG sleep will come, but not until after a game, puzzle, movie, or date.

   One puff of the Skywalker OG turned out to be the perfect dose for daytime functionality, but 2 puffs was a gamble; too much is too much, and the low-tolerance novices will embarrass themselves. Doses should be spaced apart to avoid spilling past the threshold, as she was one of the most comprehensive indicas we’ve reviewed in a while. Overall, the experience was temperate yet hopeful, and critics described their emotions as “friendly,” “diplomatic,” and “Rockin’–worthy of Ray Charles.”

Published on December 15, 2013
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