SkyWalker OG from Sinsemilla Gardens

SkyWalker OG from Sinsemilla Gardens

October 14, 2015

No other strain quells the Dark Side quite like Sky Walker. This flavorful indica-dominant hybrid was originally conceived by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion Seeds to mix the sweet flavor of Blueberry with the high-yielding genetics of Mazar into one powerful strain. So we were floored to try a sample from an operation that has perfected OG phenotypes over the years, Sinsemilla Gardens (both stores formerly known as High Country Healing in Colorado Springs).

  Light and fluffy at first, the crystal-covered nugget easily retained shape and size when squeezed, full of glittering frenzy of crystals inside. The bright green hues forced the brilliant red-orange pistils to reach for the sky and begged us to take in her essence. Skywalker had an impressive fragrance of lemons, berries, and a hint of sweet citrus before we even put her to the grind. Once broken apart, her spicy side came out full-force and mixed wonderfully with the sweet citrus accents.  

  The first puff was layered with the taste of citrus and light musk; it wasn’t long before the room filled with the aroma of blood orange and fresh pine. Light-headedness hit soon after that first hit. Her effects were immediate and powerful, as a cerebral buzz preceded a sensation throughout the extremities, casually at snail’s pace. The energetic buzz gave us a jump-start and before long, we wanted to grab light sabers and duke it out with Darth Vader.

  One of the bonuses of this strain is that we didn’t experience a crippling case of cottonmouth after partaking. However, the hankering for a wide variety of munchies; pork chops, Mountain Dew and hot dogs were all we could think about. After the long and goofy climb to the peak of her effects, she easily took twice as long to come back down from the clouds.

  Skywalker would seem perfectly paired up with an energetic group of friends, a Star Wars marathon, and plastic swords. Combined with the taste of medium-rare steaks hot off the grill and a refreshing Colorado IPA, you can’t go wrong. Our critics agree: Skywalker OG could easily turn you into a Jedi--but the Dark Side still has better parties.

Photography by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia