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May 27, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Like the beautifully mystic bastard child of Lady and the Tramp, Sour Kush mixes Sour Diesel’s renegade melange of worldy genetics with the well-manicured MK-Ultra, a breeder’s strain. Our first such encounter with the strain came from AMCH, vibrantly colored as a blue spruce with kief cover like a fresh snow. Its squirrely buds were thick and compact, with kush-like bracts and hints of purple. It was sweet and spicy when ground, like nutmeg with a subtle cherry. The sample was limited and critics only experienced two full hits, at most. But cazart, was it more than enough.

  Blonde as it was, we weren’t prepared for the breathtaking first hit - even a conservative corner of the bud rocked for 15 straight seconds, with a generous release on exhale. Then, the massive fogginess dissipated, leaving major back-end creeper to round up. The taste revealed a sort of earthiness, but all aromas, especially sour, were devoid from the actual palate (they hung in the smoke). A strong dark coffee bean roast finish followed.

   Intense brain lock set in, with all of the pulsing body waves and tingling, pressure-lifting bliss of ChemDawg, but sans focus. Pains like sore wrists and neck cricks disappeared, but motivation was shot. The high was resinous, with different waves reminiscent of Sour Kush’s Northern Lights and Skunk ancestry. Uplifting but soothing, the bud worked especially for post-work exhaustion and aches.

  One critic was ancy, moreso than the rest, but we all agreed, we didn’t feel like doing anything. Spastic, unpredictable muscle movement was not uncommon. Creative epiphanies emerged from exhilarating introspection. One starry-eyed reviewer wrote that the cannabis strain made “...a fine visage to accompany an old man and his cat, as he takes in the view from the shores at the center of the universe.” Eerily, that critic was ill-acquainted with Douglas Adams.

  The mind sped and slowed, ebbed and flowed, but the heart was not pounding. This would make a great one-hitter bowl for those in a hurry. One or two puffs will definitely suffice for any smoker, even those with certified high-tolerance. But given its insane power, patients should medicate with S.K. in a controlled environment with gentle stimuli. Awkward or tense situations could put traditional indica lovers face-to-face with danger and paranoid fears, while sativa lovers can expect to endure a numb body that doesn’t want to move. Plan for a minimum 2.5-hour experience, with munchies, psychedelia, and loud music.

Published on December 15, 2013
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