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June 22, 2018
San Francisco, CA

    Genuine Original Haze is one of the hardest sativas to find. It often appears served in tandem with other flavors, in this case, a skunkified version of the already-skunked Super Silver: the bright and blinding Super Lemon Haze. Buddies Wellness carries a solid version of the strain, matured to striking solidarity, and consistent potency.

    Like much of Buddies selection, SLH was crystal covered and well-cured, spongy and meaty. Its entangled mane of golden hairs chaotically wrapped the near-leafless bud. Her most memorable trait, though, was the sharp lemon-skunk aroma, erupting exponentially with grind, and adding apricot hints to taste.

    The first hit was powerful but not overpowering. The real onset came after a second and more deliberate puff, when the creeping sensations of cerebral euphoria ensued at high speed. The eyes stung after 10 minutes and our knees were shaking. It was a time warp strain. The hour slowed, and we thought that the day was wasting away (it wasn’t).

    We relaxed to the buzzing middle-back and overall numbness. But we were ready to get going and do something. “It was the urge to get shit done, mixed with the self-loathing of being glued to a chair, masked in a trance,” a critic wrote. Others reported trouble focusing, and “depersonalization.”(sic) She was a dancer, though. Make sure to have good music nearby. The reviewers recommend Solid Gold’s cover of “Love You To” on the Minnesota Beatles Project Vol. 3.

    Hunger was subdued. Foggy eyed, reviewers had to wait 30-45 minutes min before going into public. SLH is not safe for machine operation, vacuum cleaners and Foreman grills included, much less other “thought”-related tasks. Wrist pain was substantially lessened. Forgetful and nostalgic, we remained focused on radio beats. 15 minutes became an eternity. Nobody seemed to mind.

    The munchies struck about an hour and a half later. The result was a Nutella and Peanut Putter Sandwich, finished off with actual Reese’s cup for dessert. SLH is not the best for a gray day–reserve this gem for sunny excursions, or risk cabin fever. Ultimately, the strain will drive a creative endeavor just as long as one can acquiesce–or it can enhance the environment by electrifying the senses.

Published on December 15, 2013
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