Sweet Tooth from Red Eye Releaf

Sweet Tooth from Red Eye Releaf

January 17, 2015

An exotic melange of worldy tastes, Sweet Tooth combines the Afghan desert, Nepali highlands and Hawaiian tropics to produce an unforgettable, award winning-hybrid and suitable staple in any strain repertoire. She last won the High Times Cup just after the turn of the millenium, but still stays a dependable favorite on the market--with notable quality coming from Red Eye Relief.

  Our sample was bearded in red, crystal-covered and meaty but not leafy. Her aroma was a mixture boysenberry and citrus, with bud’s signature attribute of sugary perfume. Smoked, the taste was more floral, pine, slightly earthy “but not dirty--more alive and pungent like a subdued mountain fir.”

  Sweet Tooth’s first hit was clean and thought-provoking; we were struck with a million sensations at once. The brain overload led to a moving, interactive rhythm that eventually turned into intense video game competition and beer drinking. We were electrified with fidgety energy that subsided enough after ten minutes to enjoy the camaraderie. It felt good to sit, but we were not ready for sleep by any means.

  Concentration and accuracy became very difficult; the smoke resulted in chilled state of mind, with enough cognitive clarity to, say, disassemble a malfunctioning appliance, so long as you don’t have to put it back together. We also envisioned frolicking in mountain stream, clearly stoned.

  There was no definitive hunger during the initial climb, but upon plateau, Trader Joe’s brownies were discussed, as well as real Turkish Delight. In the end, a simple cold glass of water really hit the spot. Even without hunger pangs, one of us still had a culinary epiphany: “I feel like bacon bits should be a Mac & Cheese flavor.”

  In total, the strain elevated our moods, though with a slight confusion. “Sweet Tooth brought a clean high and kept me lucid and active with a splash of energy. It was like a cup of green tea.” Added the critic, “I tried to play a board game and kept accidentally making an fool of myself.” The high lasted a good four hours, with more energy in the end, lifting our nerves back out of the spacy lull.

Photography by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia