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April 24, 2018
San Francisco, CA

   While the High Times Cup brought upon an onslaught of mystery gems into the office this past weekend, there were 4/20 Rally Cup entries that also deserved acclaim. One of our favorites, Vanilla Kush, was the best contender from Garden of the Gods’ offerings, violet, meaty and well-aged. Its hallmark was a piercing lime aroma, with vanilla bean undertones, if not an almond creaminess. Some critics compared the taste to that of Mountain Dew; either way, it filled the room completely with a rank and pungent sour.

   The first wave was a swallower. Heavy pressure compressed chest and forehead, while a body-blanket of narcotic pain relief covered each limb. A tingling in the crown of the head spread to eyes and lips, buzzing throughout. But cerebrally–even with a tinge of growing hysteria–we remained functional and able to problem-solve internally. The challenge was self-expression.

   The Critics waited for the climb to reach a notable plateau but there was none. It was not one for meditation. Cognitively, both speech and thought-process tended to slur….one may become misunderstood, even to friends. Slow, stupid mistakes became commonplace, almost suspiciously.

   The high was optimistic, fun and safe. “To sum up the experience, psychologically,” one commented, “Tip of the tongue syndrome. I was waiting for something to happen with almost clairvoyant confidence, without knowing what IT was.” The atmosphere was full of absurd distractions. It was emotional and provocative throughout, and often the primer for lucid artistic expression, but only after finding comfortable furniture. Our musical tastes settled on inspiration from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

   Vanilla Kush will linger up to 5-7 hours and must be carefully scheduled, if not paired with a Sativa, to avoid burnout. Without it, the high can end dazed, frozen in position, caught between daydreaming and REM sleep. Yet, tolerance to the strain did not develop quickly, meaning better efficiency with dosage over time. From start to finish, this morsel delivered on every level: great cure, grind, smell, taste, impression and follow through.

Published on December 15, 2013
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