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Magic Number Ginger Beer is an insanely delicious, craft-brewed, cannabis-infused ginger beer with 100% all natural ingredients and single strain live resin from Buddies Liquid Diamonds™, featuring terpene levels between 1-5%. Sweet and tart with a nice ginger aroma and a spicy kick, our ginger beer is made with freshly juiced organic Peruvian ginger, cane sugar, lime juice, a pinch of cayenne and clove. Delicious straight, it’s also a superior mixer for zero-proof cocktails. A great option for customers that don’t drink alcohol. Strain information is always printed on the lab results panel.

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Magic Number

Magic Number is Oregon's premier liquid cannabis company, specializing in crafting the finest all-natural live resin drinks and tinctures available. With a full line of ready-to-drink natural sodas and zero-sugar seltzers infused with nano-emulsified water soluble live resin, as well as a line of high potency shots, Magic Number offers consumers multiple strength and strain options in their products so everyone can find your "magic number". From 10mg to 1000mg, we make sure everyone can cast a spell that works for them. Discover why liquid cannabis is the fastest acting, most delicious edible available on the market with Magic Number.

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