Florida Citrus Kush || 2x0.5g Indica

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Florida Citrus Kush™ is proof you don’t have to quit your job and travel the world barefoot to find what you’re looking for. Flavour: A rich creamy flavour of spicy citrus, a true but subtle Kush aftertaste. Experience: This strong indica-dominant hybrid delivers a mellow experience that lasts. Nothing but the best bud goes into these pre-rolls, no trim or shake. Just premium whole Florida Citrus Kush™ flower that’s hand trimmed, hang dried, and rolled with love in what we’re pretty dang sure is the world’s finest paper. It’s made from 100% organic hemp and sourced from a mill located in a small mountain village, where the water is cold and pure and perfect for making rolling paper. They’ve been doing it since the 1800s — a craft passed down from generation to generation. THC: 19-27% CBD: <0.5% Format: 2 x 0.5g (Net Weight 1g) Packaging: Fully compostable pop-tube

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