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Chemmy Jones is In The Flow’s award winning, signature strain due to its quality, consistency, and popularity. Its uplifting, functional buzz encourages creative outbursts and focused energy. Earth and diesel aromas are nicely counterbalanced by tropical notes. High Times 2022 3rd Place Sativa Winner. Winner of the 2017 Connoisseur Cup Overall Flower Champion and 2018 Connoisseur Cup Best Sativa Flower awards. Ripe with the terpenes Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. Extremely potent Sativa-Dominant Hybrid. Chemdawg D x Casey Jones.


Chemmy Jones

Chemmy Jones, also known as "Chem Jones" and "Chemdog Jones," is a hybrid marijuana strain bred by Connoisseur Genetics . Chemmy Jones is made by uniting genetics from Chemdawg D and Casey Jones. Uplifting and revitalizing, Chemmy Jones manages to induce a functional, high-energy buzz that allows you to stay productive. Diesel flavors are counterbalanced by a floral sweetness, inviting the senses before you even indulge in the invigorating effects this strain has to offer.


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In The Flow

We are cannabis connoisseurs focused on ensuring the highest quality by maintaining small batches, consistent attention to detail, and natural growing techniques. We strive to carefully cultivate a flower for everyone so that they may experience an elevated purpose within their own lives and Find Their Flow. At In The Flow we fill every action with this elevated purpose, leading to an elevated end product. Whether we are watering, pruning, trimming, or gathering as a team to celebrate the fruits of another harvest, the attention to detail we place on each activity shows through with a consistent, loving touch. We also believe that just like our plants, each person is unique in their needs and desires. This is why we have every strain we grow tested for terpene content, allowing you to select the strains best suited for your tastes. Whether you are looking for a stimulating, relaxing, social, or “me time” experience we have a strain for you. Find YOUR Flow….

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