Live Resins

Acai Berry

$32 / g
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ERBA Markets - Venice (REC)

(34) 4.4
ERBA Markets - Venice (REC)
Opens 9:00 AM


Our Live Resin Diamonds are curated specifically for usability, you will find right-sized diamond crystals suspended in our terpene packed sauce. Some Cannabis strains lend themselves particularly well to diamond creation, like they were intended for it. We let Mother Nature tell us which strains and batches are best suited for our Live Resin Diamonds. ACAI BERRY / SATIVA · Taste: Tropical, Sweet, Citrus · Feeling: Creative, Happy, Uplifting · Description: Acai Berry provides a full-flavored smoke with tropical sweet undertones, a carefree high that won’t take you too deep.

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