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-- Brighten up your day with this new sativa strain from Cresco Labs, Sunny MAC! This offspring of Alien Cookies and Columbian x Starfighter boasts a main terpene profile consisting of Terpinolene, Limonene, and β-Caryophyllene. Refreshing citrus notes of lemon and orange are rounded out with hints of clove and mint. You may experience initial onsets of heady, introspective effects leading to feeling happy and uplifted while a sense of body relief eventually takes over. -- Rotated seasonally and picked at the peak of freshness, our hand-selected Rise strains are grown by professional agronomists to offer flavor-packed energy and creativity. -- Rise flower is derived from sativa strains, known for energizing and uplifting effects. Rise strains pair well with everyday activities like housekeeping, happy hour, and physical activity.

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