Blissed - 1:1 Blackberry Acai Soft Chew 2x3.2g

$6.75 / pc
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Growers Retail - The Queensway

Growers Retail - The Queensway
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Blissed Bask Blackberry Acai soft chews have a 1:1 ratio that offer a fruity burst of flavour. Blissed Bask Blackberry Acai fruit are chew 1:1 ratio soft chews that offer a fruity burst of flavour. Blissed soft chews are made from high quality ingredients and contain real fruit and acai puree. A smoke free way to consume cannabis, each piece is infused with cannabis distillate to remove any noticeable cannabis taste and smell. Each package contains 2 soft chews thoughtfully formulated with 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD so you can start low and go slow. Developed in British Columbia, our soft chews have gone through rigorous testing to ensure a high-quality, and consistent experience. 10% of the profits from Blissed go to organizations that support gender equality.

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