Station House - GG#4 Pre-Rolls - 6x0.5g Indica

$23.5 / pc
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Highlife Cannabis - Sudbury

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Highlife Cannabis - Sudbury
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This potent indica has a pungent earthy and diesel aroma. Precisely weighed and machine-rolled for an even burn. Packed with a humidity device. Classic Station House pre-rolls made from whole flower GG#4. This potent indica strain contains potent THC levels and produces a strong, skunky perfume when burned. It’s known for its earthy and pungent attributes. Recognized for its heavy resin content, GG#4 is a top choice for anyone looking to unwind. Machine rolled and packed just right for the perfect burn, every time. Packed with a humidity device to extend freshness. Conveniently packed in our 6-pack, so you can always have some around. Quality cannabis, everyday fares.

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