GF Jalapeño Cheese Crackers 100mg Hybrid (10-pack)

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Higher Edibles

Higher Edibles is a family and women-owned, gluten-free edible company based in Santa Cruz, CA focused on bringing delicious edibles free of overly processed sugars and flours to the market.


The concept of Higher began 20 years ago when Donna (their co-founder) started making her own edibles in the Prop 215 days. Donna's body has served in the Army, successfully battled cancer, and suffers an ongoing knee issue that has progressed into multiple surgeries; Through these stages, she found that her body felt the least amount of pain and inflammation when she ate clean and stayed away from heavily processed sugars and grains. Because of the lack of unprocessed, gluten-free edibles in the market - Donna began creating her own clean edibles that she could enjoy with her family. Donna’s edibles show that you shouldn’t have to compromise flavor for a healthy product.

At Higher, our goal is to provide consumers with healthy products that are created to elevate your mind as well as your tastebuds. The women at Higher believe wellness and high vibrations start from within, and are dedicated to expanding that outward to reach our industry and community. To us, high vibration means being conscious of your thoughts because everything you say or feel creates your reality. The food you eat directly affects how you feel, and we believe the pairing of clean ingredients and cannabis can help us all vibrate Higher. 

Higher has now expanded across the California market with their offerings of both sweet and savory options. All of their products are made from scratch with quality ingredients that are hand packaged, and never sprayed with cannabis oil- your cannabinoids will always be baked into your edible. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed making them for you!

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