Sweet Grass White Chocolate Butter Pecan Cookie / Rec

$20 / each
Pick up at:
LivWell Enlightened Health - Tower Rd.
Closes 11:45 PM

Product Brand

Sweet Grass

Founded in 2009, Sweet Grass produces freshly baked, cannabis-infused edibles featuring in-house cultivation, providing a true crop-to-cookie experience. Sweet Grass cookies are made with slow-simmered, triple-strained Cannabutter (that sounds so good, doesn’t it?). In fact, Sweet Grass products are so delicious that they’ve won multiple awards and have become synonymous with a creative, effective, and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of our favorite plant. Look for Sweet Grass cookies, brownies, and seasonal pies, or try Cannabutter for at-home cooking and baking. After all, Cannabutter is Better™.


To top it off, Sweet Grass harvests, cannabutter batches, and products are tested by multiple state licensed laboratories, so you can always count on consistent potency, effect, and taste that keeps people coming back for more, and more, and more, and...well, you get it.

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