Afghani FJ-1 (1G Infused, THCA Concentrate & Kief Covered)

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Ever want to just escape and go somewhere else? Maybe put your head in the clouds? Jetpacks are primed to send you to the outer atmosphere with a full range of products designed to propel you into hyperdrive. Jetpacks Original pre-rolls are enhanced with kief, the sticky crystals that give it that extra hit of THC, for a smooth ride on cruise control. Planning an interstellar voyage? We've got you covered with Jetpacks Hi-Octane pre-rolls infused with kief and our specially formulated StardustΒ© which always tests above 30% THC guaranteeing you'll have enough fuel to reach your destination. For those looking to rip the fabric of space and time, Jetpacks' line of potent concentrates consisting of sugar, badder, and diamonds packs all the power you'll need for inter-dimensional travel. If aliens exist, Jetpacks is the rocket that will take you on an intergalactic voyage to meet them. It takes you places.

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