Eureka - Cartridge - Clementine (H) 1000mg

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The 1000mg cartridge gives you the ability to conveniently enjoy our oil on the go with only the use of a 510 thread battery! Our crystal clear, CO2 distillate includes a vast array of cannabinoids to give the user a true to strain, broad spectrum experience: THC and CBD prevalent but also different ratios of CBG, CBC, CBN, THCV depending on the strain. We run custom made, manually operated machinery to process the cannabis into co2 extract and then utilize a thin film molecular separator (TFMS) to refine the oil into distillate. The TFMS allows us to process the oil at speeds quick enough to not degrade the color of the oil while simultaneously elevating potencies and keeping a vast array of cannabinoids. Most companies use automated computer operated systems but by running the machines manually we can ensure quality by making on the fly adjustments resulting in the cleanest distillate we know of on the market!

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