.5g Blueberry Slush Live Resin (H) - Cartridge - GDF

$65 / pc
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The Releaf Center - Bentonville

(1166) 4.9
The Releaf Center - Bentonville
Closes 8:00 PM


What is Live resin? Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate manufactured by taking freshly harvested cannabis and flash freezing it.The key difference between live resin and other extracting processes comes from the resulting potency and overall profile integrity. These plants are kept frozen throughout the extraction process and skip the drying, curing, and trimming phases of harvesting.? ? The drying and curing processes that plants usually go through can have a devastating impact on terpenes, the plant’s flavor and aroma compounds. Blueberry Slush is a mix between Jack Herer x Blueberry Muffins! Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain that will leave you happy, euphoric and energetic while Blueberry Muffins is an indica-dominant strain that just might be your ticket to alleviating nausea, stress and chronic pain. Great for fueling chill but productive days, while staying stress-free and relaxed.

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