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Hey Big Sal! I am starting some plants in my basement and need help. I have a 15x17 foot room that I would like to veg in. I currently have 6 15" plants that are growing nicely under 2 large screw in CFL bulbs. It appears that this will not be enough light to allow them to keep growing and I will need to adjust my light setup. My situation is a typical one and and hard to give the best answer to but basically I am "strapped" for cash. I am currently thinking of doing T8 lights above the plants. any help here is greatly appreciated.
By: cody-royaleast
Posted at: May 17, 2014
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Well i would perfer for you to use T5 lights instead, for the fact that the T5 gives more lumens for your plants which means rapid growth. Best during vegative cycle. BUT i would use HID lamps for flowering. Which HID means High Intense Discharge. Why they are best is beacuse of wider intense light spectrum so you will have bigger and better plants. You can get them from 600w to 1000w. More watts gets hotter so make sure to have nice air flow and exaust system. If you have any questions please ....ASK BIG SAL
By: bigsal420247365
Posted at: May 23, 2014
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