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Medical Marijuana College In Florida
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New industry businesses are established and awaiting the passing of the Medical Marijuana Bill to be voted on in November. Our tri-businesses are Medical Marijuana Doctors In Florida, Medical Marijuana College-Florida, and Florida Medical Marijuana Administration. Our founder has been an activist for over 30 years and for medical marijuana for the last 5 years. He also founded Michigan's first MMJ University and dispensary in Lansing, MI., "Greenleaf Smokers Club and "Greenleaf University," then went on to open "Center For Compassionate Care in Houghton Lake, MI. prior to moving to Florida to assist in the effort to make public aware of the benefits of Medical Marijuana and harvest votes for the bill to be voted on in November. Florida is our primary headquarters where we are also a force behind the passing of the MMJ bill to be voted on in November. We have a staff of physicians educated in the process of approving patients, and our staff continues to grow as we are trying to cover most regions where patients won't have a long distance to commute in order to see the doctors. Our physicians are also accepting all new patients as a primary care giver if the patient so wishes. Even though it's some time before the bill goes to vote all information indicates the bill will pass and we are in preparation for the enormous amount of applicants for a card, and to educate the patients and caregivers on the most efficient and economical way to produce their own medication as most patients are on fixed incomes and dispensary prices may be non affordable for most. Growing techniques will of course be dependent on the MMJ bills amendments and wording. Call or email now for information, below are associated links. Thanks and blessings to all. http://medicalmarijuanadoctorsinflorida.com http://fmmja.com http://mmjcollegefl.com PH: 517-483-3957
By: admissions
Posted at: March 25, 2014
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PHYSICIANS READY AND WAITING FOR BILL TO BE SIGNED. Medical Marijuana Doctors In Florida. a new business located in Riverview, FL., has physicians and we're just waiting for the MMJ bill to be passed in the November elections, and our ally and runner for Governor Charlie Crist is supportive for MMJ in Florida. All related news and MMJ organizations indicate the overwhelming response to the bill in a positive manner showing that the bill will pass on a landslide . we are still searching for more supportive physicians to cover as many regions as possible where a prospective patient won't have far to commute and sign up days will include Saturday's so as to enable the workers a day to sign up without loosing a days work or interfere with most any schedule. As time progresses and we determine the most responsive areas, we will be able to offer a meet and transport site for those without transportation. Call or email with any questions and God Bless. (517) 483-3957 appointments@medicalmarijuanadoctorsinflorida.com **
By: admissions
Posted at: March 25, 2014
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By: mmjonlineshop8
Posted at: September 22, 2014
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The bill waiting to be voted on in November will allow physicians to prescribe ONLY for those with seizures and only then, a VERY LOW DOSE. They say that we still won't be considered a 'medical marijuana state' even if it does pass. Florida is in a sad state of affairs, with hundreds of thousands of people who can't get their meds any longer and doctors who are too fearful of getting in trouble. I was so stupid to move here! I felt hopeful when the issue came to ballot but after finding out that it won't help me anyway, I'm extremely frustrated and disappointed, not only for myself but for so many people who don't have access to a medicine which could bring us relief from pain. Florida has a long way to go before it will even consider allowing the residents to have access to real medical marijuana. Good luck to everyone who plans to attend this college. You may find that you won't have enough patients that qualify for a prescription.
By: dingbatqueen
Posted at: October 8, 2014

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