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32w Spider COB LED grow light from Twilightgroups have introduced to US and There are Two version for this lamp: 1st type is regular ratio with 660nm:460nm 8:1, this have 36pcs diode in EACH COB LED. (Coming Soon) 2nd type is FULL Spectrum with UV380nm 1PCS, IR730nm 1PCS,6500K 2PCS,440nm 4PCS, 460nm 6PCS,580nm 1PCS,610nm 1PCS,630nm 4PCS,660nm 10PCS. this have 30pcs diode in EACH COB LED. Features: 1. Patented Design fixture special cooling system. 2. Most powerful each 108w COB LED grow light in the current market. 3. Full spectra from 380-850nm & white for the best grow effect 4. Single 108watt LED with FULL Spectrum bands mutil-chips for the best mixture of different spectra, most effective & powerful for optimal performance . 5. convex lens make the average intensity of each spectrum per unit of area, mix the full spectra like sunshine (the part of 380-850nm) 6 Spider series spread a fixed coverage with average intensity of each band. Coverage is the same with different quantity LEDs on. 7. Each 108watt LED can be simply replaced with our unique sodering-free design. 8. Built-in fans, unique vents which prevent the water drop into the body. 9 .Whole anti-rust casing with great heat sink. 10. 2 plugs which can be connected the lamp One by One. 11. Unique design in cooling the LEDs, the Whole body is the heatsink system, you can touch the temperature of LEDs by touching the lens. 12. Acryl sheet with reflector surface, make sure all light in use, no waste. 13 .LED, Drivers and fixture are designed and customized by ourselves, price is controlled, everybody can afford it. 14. Hang kits included COB LED grow light from Twilightgroups: 20140619153302_17402.jpg
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Posted at: September 25, 2014
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King Canna Cup:

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